Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awkward and Awesome take one

YAY It’s Thursday which means the weekend is almost here!! And it means I keep seeing these Awkward and Awesome post that look like a lot of fun! So I’m going to joining in! I will admit I am just one of those people that doesn’t find things awkward very often, like something has to be universally awkward for me to feel that way! Haha but I am just gonna have fun with this!!


1.     I went to the Dentist today for just my normal 6 month check up and cleaning and I was the first appointment of the day. I walked in at 7:50 for my 8:00 appointment and when I opened the door I ended up barging in on the whole office singing happy birthday for one of the ladies that worked there. They were right in the middle of the song and they all just stopped and looked at me. Then they all quickly said Happy Birthday to the woman and dispersed. So to the woman in the cheetah scrubs whom birthday was today I am sorry for interrupting and ruining your birthday song!
2.     Also does anyone else find it kinda awkward that even though your hygienist has their hands in your mouth they always try to carry on a conversation with you?! Mine tries to every time I go! She is so sweet too but it’s not even that she’s just making small talk it’s that she keeps asking open ended questions! How am I supposed to reply to anything that I can’t answer with in a “uuhuu”(yes) or “uhuh”(no) because my mouth is wide open and I can’t close it to answer because she’s poking and scrapping on my teeth!

3.     Introducing yourself to someone twice… in the same week! Yep I’ve done it! Haha I’m still new to Zeeco (my week day job) and there are just so many people it’s hard to keep up with who I have met! Anyway I guess I just had met a guy on Monday and then yesterday I introduced myself to him again. He nicely told me about when we met Monday and then laughed at me. I’m just glad he thought it was funny!


1.     No cavities in this lady’s mouth! My dentist said I have a pretty smile and that my teeth are looking good! That’s always a nice thing to hear AND now my teeth feel awesome! I love that super duper after the dentist clean feeling!
2.     MiO!! Have you seen the little MiO commercials on TV? On the bottle it says “liquid water enhancer” in translation... It this awesome flavor stuff that you put in your plain ol water to make it taste yummy! I tried the sweet tea flavor yesterday and it’s really good! Like I don’t understand how it does it! It smells like soy sauce in the bottle but taste like a good ol cup of sweet tea! It blows my mind! (Yes I smelled it! but only because my boyfriend smelled it first and told me it smelled like soy sauce... I just had to see if it was true!)

3.     4th of July is almost here! I LOVE the 4th of July! I really enjoy spending time with friends and family just chilling and having a good time! Grilling out and watching fireworks and all the red white and blue… It’s just such a great holiday! Also I get to have another “I’m so proud of my boyfriend moment” because of him serving our country along with all the other awesome men and women that have served and are serving! Being a military girlfriend has for sure turned me into a much more patriotic person than I was before and I love it!

4.     My Airman is coming home TONIGHT! I cannot wait to see him and give him a big kiss and hug! I love that man to pieces!

Well that was fun! Hope you are all having a great day!!

Kaitlin Jean

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A catch-me-up on the Now

Well Now that you kinda know me and what I’m all about I figured I would give you a little update of what is going on right NOW in my life. This way my random thoughts might make a little more since from this post on! Lol

So… right now it’s obviously summer (like in your face obvious here in Oklahoma where it was 104 on Monday!) and summer for me isn’t really all tan lines and floating on a raft in a pool. I am working two jobs so that I won’t have to work during the school year. My 8-5 week job is as an assistant at the company my Dad works at. (He is awesome and put in a good word for me and helped me get the job) My weekend job is at Fossil as a sales associate. I love working there and started back in January, when I got my assistant job I just couldn’t leave and so they graciously are letting me a weekender! I am also taking a summer class at a local community college, where I spent my last school year, just to get ahead. OSU will be my third college to attend and I plan to graduate from there. My freshman year I went to a small private University called Oklahoma Christian then I changed my major and decided to come home and to save money and went to the community college. As you can imagine I am extremely excited to be going back to a University! I will be moving August 13th into my very first apartment! So I have been shopping and crafting away for my little place. Don’t worry I will share all the cute and fun things I do! In fact look for a sneak peak in the next week!

As for my Airman, he is in Missouri on an Army base for tech school learning how to be a civil engineer. He graduated from basic the first week of May and actually got to come home before going to MO. He left two weeks ago today and he will officially come back home the first week of October! When he gets back he will be coming to OSU and we will finally be going to the same school for the first time since we graduated! We actually have gotten to talk/text almost every day since he has left which is just heaven compared to basic (where for two months we only were able to communicate through snail mail letters) Some days we don’t get to talk long because we both have so much going on but we make up for it! Like this morning I woke up to a wonderful little message on my facebook that said “Thank you babe for all you are! I somehow seem to always find my smile when I think of you!!” Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever?! It totally made my day! Anwyway he now gets the weekends off! Since this weekend is a holiday weekend he even gets to come HOME!! I am so excited to see him I can hardly stand it! I know two weeks isn’t a very long time to miss someone a lot but I miss that guy like crazy! (One of these days I will have to tell you all our little love story! I may be biased but it’s a cute one)

Anyway I think that you all are pretty up to speed now! I’m sorry I have another long post but there’s just so much to share! If you made it down to this sentence then thank you so much for reading and know I think you are AWESOME!

Until tomorrow,
Kaitlin Jean

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello Everyone!! (I know its long but I got to Introduce myself!)

Well here goes... my first post ever!! woo hoo! I am so excited to be starting Raids of Orange! I have been thinking about starting a blog for quite awhile and I feel like now is just a perfect time to do it! So here I am, just your "average" college student trying to figure life out. I am a passionate Interior Design student at Oklahoma State University. I am loving discovering the world of design and figuring out my place in it. I am a military girlfriend head over heels in love with my Airman in the United States Air Force (who is also my best friend from high school) I am about to move into my first apartment this August! I am a fairly crafty person and enjoy making someone’s “trash” into my own little treasure. I love to run and I’ll try to play just about any sport. I love to cook/bake and I’m a sweet tooth junkie! (My family likes to say that if there is anything with sugar in it around the house you better eat some soon before I get to it haha) ooh and coffee is the best thing ever made! I like to think that I am pretty outgoing and adventurous! I hope to travel the world in my lifetime!  And well that’s pretty much me in a quick little summary!

So why am I wanting to start a blog and why is it called Raids of Orange?
First Orange is my absolute favorite color! If you know me you know that I love orange! Second I am technically a REDhead but throughout my whole life some people have sworn my hair is orange! I don’t really care what color people say it is, I say it’s red but I have to admit it has those days where it does look pretty orange! Lol and Thirdly I am an Oklahoma State student, everyone in my family went to school there and graduated from there. So since the day I was born I have bled orange! So that’s a few reason I got the orange part. As for raids well I don’t know exactly... I just thought it and looked up the definition to make sure I liked it and I did! (Raids: a surprise attack by a small armed force) Once I told my boyfriend about wanting to start a blog he was instantly supportive and we brainstormed blog titles for about an hour! We ended up with Rated Orange but the more I sat with it I just liked Raids better! Lol I mean I’m not armed or anything and I’m not really the smallest person in the world but SURPRISE I am here attacking the blog world with my stories and thoughts! I just wanna share my journey with a community that might have gone/is going/will be going through some of the things I am. I like to share my ideas and I hope that maybe I might Inspire some of you the way some people from other blogs have inspired me! Hopefully I can bring a little sunshine and smiles to some people’s days too! So come on everybody! Follow along with me!  

Lots of Love,

Kaitlin Jean


My love and I
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