Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello Everyone!! (I know its long but I got to Introduce myself!)

Well here goes... my first post ever!! woo hoo! I am so excited to be starting Raids of Orange! I have been thinking about starting a blog for quite awhile and I feel like now is just a perfect time to do it! So here I am, just your "average" college student trying to figure life out. I am a passionate Interior Design student at Oklahoma State University. I am loving discovering the world of design and figuring out my place in it. I am a military girlfriend head over heels in love with my Airman in the United States Air Force (who is also my best friend from high school) I am about to move into my first apartment this August! I am a fairly crafty person and enjoy making someone’s “trash” into my own little treasure. I love to run and I’ll try to play just about any sport. I love to cook/bake and I’m a sweet tooth junkie! (My family likes to say that if there is anything with sugar in it around the house you better eat some soon before I get to it haha) ooh and coffee is the best thing ever made! I like to think that I am pretty outgoing and adventurous! I hope to travel the world in my lifetime!  And well that’s pretty much me in a quick little summary!

So why am I wanting to start a blog and why is it called Raids of Orange?
First Orange is my absolute favorite color! If you know me you know that I love orange! Second I am technically a REDhead but throughout my whole life some people have sworn my hair is orange! I don’t really care what color people say it is, I say it’s red but I have to admit it has those days where it does look pretty orange! Lol and Thirdly I am an Oklahoma State student, everyone in my family went to school there and graduated from there. So since the day I was born I have bled orange! So that’s a few reason I got the orange part. As for raids well I don’t know exactly... I just thought it and looked up the definition to make sure I liked it and I did! (Raids: a surprise attack by a small armed force) Once I told my boyfriend about wanting to start a blog he was instantly supportive and we brainstormed blog titles for about an hour! We ended up with Rated Orange but the more I sat with it I just liked Raids better! Lol I mean I’m not armed or anything and I’m not really the smallest person in the world but SURPRISE I am here attacking the blog world with my stories and thoughts! I just wanna share my journey with a community that might have gone/is going/will be going through some of the things I am. I like to share my ideas and I hope that maybe I might Inspire some of you the way some people from other blogs have inspired me! Hopefully I can bring a little sunshine and smiles to some people’s days too! So come on everybody! Follow along with me!  

Lots of Love,

Kaitlin Jean


My love and I

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Katie said...

Loved reading more abuot you and why you started this blog! You will really like it, I think. :) Cute pictures girly!

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