Friday, July 29, 2011

Introducing: Fact About Me Friday

Hello Dears! 

I want to start of this fabulous Friday with woot woot! 

There are now 50 followers here on this little blog!
(Insert all 50 of your pictures here)

You made it happen on my Month-a-versary and it was such a wonderful "gift" so Thank you so very much! :)

Now I cant wait for there to be 100 of you!! 
(a girl can dream right!?)

Anywho it was a wonderful anniversary and it meant so much that you all celebrated it with me!

In other news...

I am starting my own weekly link up!!
I know I know! There are already so many link ups for everyday of the week and you just wanna write about what ever your darn little heart desires!
 Well that's why this link up is so great!

I wanted to create a link up that was easy and topic free!
 I think link parties are a great way to introduce/discover all the great blogs out there!

This link up party will be called...
*drum roll please*

Fact About Me Friday

It is about as simple as it sounds

On Fridays simply include a fact about yourself in your post!
This could mean writing:
 a whole post with several facts
a post all about one fact
 a post about whatever with a fact thrown in somewhere

Your fact(s) can be funny, serious, detailed, or short and sweet!

One great thing about this link up party is that you can link up with your Friday favorites!! Like at the hollie rouge with Andi for Photo Friday or with Magan at A touch of Class for her brand new link up, Foodie Friday
link up for Fact About Me Friday at the same time! 

So what do you say?!
I say Let's Do It!!

Here is the beautiful picture to go along with your fact!
(It is not one of those awesome linky-up-zoom-you-to-another-blog picture yet but soon it will be thanks to the wonderful Miss. Kristal who has graciously offered to help me make all my button troubles go away!)

And that is about all you need to know about for this weekly party I think!
(if my newbieness has caused me to leave any important things out just let me know if you don't mind)

 oh and in case I didn't make this part clear
(yes you!)
Every Friday!

For this very first Fact About Me Friday I am going to spoil you with more than just one fact about myself today! 

So here goes...


I am the current holder of the highest score on Dance Central in my house hold
(this is my winning dance move at the end of every song)

I got my first pair glasses when I was five years old
(I have ate millions of carrots in my lifetime and I am still blind as a bat)

One of my all time favorite actresses is Audrey Hepburn

I am one of the most ticklish people on Earth
(I am also still just this cute when being tickled to death)


See what I genius idea Fact About Me Friday is?!? 
It is such an easy way for your readers to learn more and out you and a great way to connect with more people in the blogging world! 

I really hope you will join me!

Lets Link, Link, Link it Up!!
Kaitlin Jean

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hello lovelies!!
I am so glad you took my advice and came back today! Yourrr Grrrreat! *said Tony the Tiger style*
Today is a very special day here at Raids of Orange because….
It’s the Month-a-versary!!!
(woot woot! Do your celebration dance!)
I can’t believe I have been blogging for a whole month now! Time really has flown by so fast! It feels like yesterday I was still just a reader! Now I am a one month old here in the blogging world! I have quickly become addicted and I truly enjoy being in this community with all of you! I never realized how this blog would be such a big part of my life and how many wonderful people I would meet through it! If I would have known this before I would have started blogging months ago!
There are a few things that I would like to accomplish in the next month and the many months after just to keep growing and improving Raids of Orange, Along with getting to know all of you and many more bloggers/readers…
1.    I would love to reach 50 followers today! How awesome of an anniversary present would that be?! (let me tell you It would be awesomely AWESOME)
2.    Start posting earlier (like in the morning instead of at lunch time) (I’m obviously starting this one tomorrow…)
3.    Start doing guest post (So if you would have me as your guest or you’re having a crazy week and need a guest I would love love love to do it!)
4.    Have more guests on here (If you would like to be my guest I would love love love to have you!)
5.    To get a button! (I really need help with all the button stuff… I just don’t really understand how to make the codes work and all so if you know how to do that PLEASE if you don’t mind will you help me?)
So if you didn’t notice most of these involve YOU! If you want to help me with accomplishing any of them it would mean the world to me! You can leave me a comment or EMAIL me here! Thank you beautifuls!

Also I owe some major thank yous to every single one of you!! I never imagined that in just a month I would have all the amazing followers/readers that I have! You are all so supportive and the sweetest people in the world! Thank you for all of your comments, encouragement, and for simply reading! I love you all!

There are a few people that I really need to point out and owe major thank yous to as well …

Like I mentioned before I was a reader before I became a blogger. Living in Yellow was one of my absolute favorite daily reads (still is too) and really the blog that inspired me to start my own. One day I decided to “man up” and email Erin just tell her that I loved Living in Yellow and that I was thinking of starting my own blog. I never realized that email would be a start to a great and wonderful friendship! Erin was more than kind in her reply and gave me every ounce of advice and encouragement she had! She has been a huge support for me and encouragement from day one! She is incredibly funny and I don’t think she has ever had a post where I haven’t giggled to myself. That means you need to go read her blog for a good laugh today! She is such an incredible, inspiring, and loving woman who takes life as it comes and makes every part of it into lemonade!
Thank You Erin, for everything, every encouraging word and ounce of inspiration! I love ya girl!

I discovered Katie and her blog, Keep Calm & Carry On, the first week I started Raids of Orange and instantly became hooked! I decided I realllly wanted to have her as a guest on my blog and even though I thought I was a little out of my league I decided to ask! She said graciously said YES and the she would love to! I was amazed and super happy! She had an amazing guest post, which you can find here, and I really feel like she didn’t get all the credit she deserves for it. Katie dished out all of her inspirations for blogging and advice to share it with bloggers new and old! I know she encouraged so many people and I felt honored to have her as my guest. Little did I know, Katie would become a dear friend to me as well! She is such an encouraging woman and lovely inside and out! She has inspired me in many ways and she will you too once you read her blog!
Thank you Katie for everything you have done and all the encouragement and inspiration you give! Love you girl!!

Yes that guy I talk about all the time! Lol I owe him one of the biggest thank yous I can muster! From the moment I told him I was simply thinking about starting this blog he was right on board and more than supportive! He even sat on the phone with me for an hour brainstorming the name for this little place! He has been such an encouragement through the whole process! I update him every day when I get a new follower or when I have new comments. He reads every day, even though he doesn’t have to and already knows most of everything I have already posted!
Thank You Handsome for everything you are, all the endless support and encouragement! Also for inspiring me to be the best of me! I love you so much!

Now don’t forget to keep on celebrating with me today and consider helping me with those goals up there because I would really love that! Ya’ll are the BEST! I can’t wait for the many more months to unfold here!

*Doin my celebration dance all day long*
Kaitlin Jean

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Howdy ya’ll!
(I am embracing my inner Oklahoma cowgirl today)
I hope you lovely bloggers/readers are having a superb week so far!
I want to make a quick shout out to all you wonderful ladies for all your sweet advice yesterday! It really meant a lot to Justin and I! Thank you!
Also I want to tell you to stop by tomorrow! Its gonna be a really big and special day on this here blog and I would love for you to come back!
(If you don’t I might just have to come hunt you down!)
(Just kidding! I won’t come hunt you down! I might just email you (; )
Okay Okay I know you wanna see what I am loving on Pinterest this week so Ill skip the rest of my chitter chatter and get to it!
I am once again linking up at The Vintage Apple and this kind of love they are both two lovely women with wonderful blogs that you should defiantly check out!
Some of my loves this week are...

 This coffee table made from old pallets! I am sure you could make this for less than $20! Almost every store that receives some kind of shipment will have old pallets and I know a few stores will place them behind their stores for the public to take! Somehow I will find a place to make and put this in my apartment! You may Mark my words!
PUMPKIN!!! I can hardly find words to tell you how much I love Pumpkin! Especially Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks! It is almost time for this wonderful flavor to come back in season and I cannot wait!
And these goodies! Well they are up high on my to make list!! Say hello to no bake crispy chocolate peanut butter cups!
I’ll be honest I have been in need of some motivation lately! I have a lot to get done before I move but at the end of the day after work I am so tired and simply want to relax my nights away. So now I am making sure that I cross at least one thing off my to-do list everyday! If I start to think “I’ll just do two tomorrow” I will need this slapped in front of my face please!
Don’t throw out those light bulbs!! I love the industrial yet shabby chicnness of this light bulb vase! So don’t get mad when your light bulb burns our next time, get glad that you just got a “free” new vase that all your friends and family is going to be in awe over! I mean water and light bulbs… not a common couple!
Wouldn’t you agree this is the best of my Pins yet?! I seriously love you all (even if your only a reader and not a follower!) It means so much that you take time out of your day to come here and visit me! I want to get to know you all so please make sure and say hello if you haven’t yet!
And don’t forget to come back tomorrow! The only hint I can give you is that there is going to be a celebration party and I have already R.S.V.P’d you all!
Kaitlin Jones

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"This is gonna make us stronger, It gonna make forever longer" - Steve Holy

Today I originally planned on sharing a little DIY craft that I did over the weekend but I have decided that it is just going to have to wait because there is a change in plans.
The plan changed after I did not watch the Bachelorette and eat M&Ms but instead talked on the phone for an hour and forty five minutes with my man
Now before you see that this is post is pretty lengthy and that its all about my love life and stop reading, please at least scroll to the bottom! I would love to hear from all of you on this one! 
Also I would like to share that My Airman's name is Justin. I like just calling him by his name sometimes and I want you to know who I am talking about! So know that you know that we can move on to what happened last night...
Justin and I talk just about every night. Our usual conversation is about our day and what we did, our friends and whatever crazy thing they have done now, about our future and how we cannot wait for him to officially come back home, this little blog here, and random little things. During the week we talk for about an hour at the max because my honey has to get up super early everyday and I know he is so worn out. So to get to talk for almost two hours last night was so nice! We used to talk on the phone for hours and hours at a time, sometimes even having “phone sleepovers” staying up all night talking; it had just been such a long time since we had been able to talk as long as we did.
Our talk started with our usual catch-me-ups about our day and everything that was going down on the base and here at home. but then somehow we got onto sharing crazy and embarrassing stories about things we thought and did when we were little, stories that we somehow had never shared over the past five years. Then the stories turned into when we first started dating and what was really running though our heads during different events. It brought even more giggles and a few “I can’t believe that happened” thoughts.
Stories about growing up and what our relationship used to be, then turned into talking about how much we have grown up since we left high school. We have been dating since graduation and we were looking back at how much our relationship and we as people have changed. As you all know you are not at all the person you were since the day you got your high school diploma. You change so much about yourself, your views, and your thoughts, you grow up. Justin and I are not at all the same people we used to be and we were just gloating over the fact that even trough three years of distance between us we have changed and grown up together. As much as we have both individually changed we still don’t skip a beat and that’s something I am so thankful for! Justin is my absolute best friend and has been since junior year! I don’t know what I would do without him by my side! We share everything with each other and I just can’t imagine life without the guy!

After that our conversation turned into how much our life and relationship is about to change with us both being in the same town and living two minutes away from each other. It will be such a big difference to what we have known the past few years. We already know and plan being together almost 24/7! We are so excited we can hardly stand it! As much excitement that there is I was a little tiny bit scared too! (And of course I shared it with him)
We are about to enter experiencing everyday life together! We are going to be doing things like cooking, shopping, studying, and cleaning/laundry daily together! (No we are not moving in together but like I said we are planning to be together pretty much all of the time) Although we have done all of those things at some point in our relationship it‘s still going to be different. The part that is kind of scary is I just don’t want him to get tired of me! (I know it’s silly but I don’t!) And it’s just that this is a place and experience neither one of us are familiar with. As much as we have had our “we” mentality in the past it really is US now.
He turned my .00000001% of cowardness into 100% excitement! He just made me feel even better about where we are going in our life! This is such an exciting time in our relationship and I can’t wait for him to move back! I have no doubts that we will love spending every second we have together! I am such a lucky girl to have a man like him! I love him with all of my heart and I am thrilled to grow even more with him and keep watching as our relationship turns into a marriage one day! (No I do not have a ring but we are more than sure we will be getting married eventually) He is my forever!
So in conclusion I am so glad I didn’t watch the Bachelorette! (It will be on Hulu when I get home anyway lol) We had such a great talk last night and I can’t wait to have a million more together! I ended up going to bed with a huge smile on my face, happy tears in my eyes, and even more in love.

Now I am wondering if you have gone through this change with your boo too? (I know all you Mrs. Have!)  If you have any advice for turning our relationship from long distance to 24/7 we would LOVE to hear it! :) Spill the beans!! 
Kaitlin Jean

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Happenings

Hello Beauties!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
I had a very productive weekend working, doing some DIY projects for my apartment, working on a project for my summer class, and spending time with my family!
On Saturday I went to Habitat for Humanity, which was quite a bit of fun! Habitat for Humanity is a organization in Tulsa that helps people in the community with rebuilding, renovating, and cleaning homes and other organizations. Also they have a big shop/warehouse with all kinds of household items like doors, light fixtures, kitchen cabinets, paint, sinks, windows, wood, etc that had been donated or brought from a project habitat for humanity has worked on.
Do you have a Habitat for Humanity in your town?
It was my first time to go to a place like this it reminded me of a thrift shop but in a Lowe's form.
Here is somethings I saw there...

Anybody need a toilet?! haha

After about an hour and a half I walked away with all of this!

 A door, window, and a piece of trim
I can not wait to show you what I am going to do with it all! Just know the next time you see these items they will not look at all the same!
On Sunday I woke up bright and early! (It wasn't actually bright at 5am though more like pitch black) I had work at 6am for the fall floor set at Fossil! I don't know if any of you have ever worked in retail but if you have you understand how big a season change floor set is!
We had so much shipment (new clothes) it took 6 hours just to get it ready! Then another 6 hours to get the men's side of the store done! (I'm not sure how long the women's side took since I didn't work that shift but I bet ya it took another 6 or 7!)

Here is you inside look into the starting process of a floor set! It is a complete mess! (don't worry those clothes are on a protected tarp!)

To finish up my Sunday I had a date with my Grandmama Jean
We went out to lunch at Olive Garden and then had our nails done!

And that was my weekend! 

What did you do this weekend?!
I would love to hear all about it!

Lots of Love!
Kaitlin Jean

P.S. I didn't really get to have a lot of time to reply to emails and check out some of your blogs like I have promised but I will! Tonight as I am watching the Bachelorette and eating some M&Ms I will also be sitting here on blogger to catch up with all of you! :)


Friday, July 22, 2011

Yummy In your Tummy Zucchini Chips!

Hey Hey Hey!
Are you ready for the weekend?! I sure am!! (even though it still entails working)

I have a great treat for you today but before I tell you about it I just have to let you know I am on a happiness blog high! You wanna know why?!?

Do you see the Major blue spike?! That's why!
All because of Katie and her inspirational advise in her guest post and Pink Lou Lou pointing them out, all of you incredible, awesome, super cool peeps came on over here and checked this little blog out! Not only did you just stop by, a lot of you gave me some blog lovin too! (You all seriously made my day!!)

I just want to say an official welcome to all of you new folks over there --->
and also just to all of the readers for stopping by and staying awhile!
THANK YOU so much for reading, following and all your comments! :)
Now onto your treat!... 
After posting those zucchini chips several of you told me how delish they looked and how you were wanting to try them and had them pinned too! 

So I decided to try them out and share with you that they are Amazingly Delishish!
They were super easy to make I found the recipe HERE through Pinterest. The major plus is they are basically the healthiest chip ever invented! This WHOLE recipe is only 226 calories!! And thanks to my amazing boyfriend for letting me barrow his camera while hes off training on a base in MI, I was able to document my making of the yummy treat below!

Zucchini Chips

What ya will need: 
3 medium sized Zucchinis, rinsed
1/4 cup Parmesan, shredded***
1/2 cup Bread Crumbs*

1 tsp Garlic Powder**
1 tsp Onion Powder
1 tsp Dried Parsley
1 tsp Black Pepper
1/2 tsp Paprika
2 Egg Whites

I actually didn't follow all of these ingredients exactly due to the fact that I had most of everything I needed already.
*For the bread crumbs I simply toasted some bread and crumbled it up
**instead of garlic powder I used garlic salt
***instead of shredded Parmesan cheese I used 

Got all that?! Okay then let start cookin good lookin!

Preheat your oven to 450

 Step One: Thinly slice your zucchinis

Step Two: Lay your slices on a paper towel for at least 10 minutes to let excess moisture drain.

Step Three: Mix together all the dry ingredients. In a bowl whisk the egg whites until frothy. (I didn't really know what frothy meant so in translation: until they get kinda bubbly)

Step Four: Place the zucchini slices in the egg mixture, then coat in the bread crumb mixture. Place on a baking sheet. 

Step Five: When your baking sheet is full, bake for 5 minutes. Pull out the baking sheet and flip over the zucchini chips. Return to the oven for another 7 minutes. 

Step Six: Serve warm with fresh grated Parmesan cheese (this is optional)
I just sprinkled my Parmesan over them when they came out of the oven.

 *said in an Italian accent while kissing my fingers and throwing them in the air*

You can get a chip this satisfying out of a greasy bag! (okay minus when the cravings for when hit)

These little goodies made my night! A long with my favorite green tea, blogging (duhh!) and talking to my honey! (this oh so wonderful moment pictured only lasted about ten minutes before I conked out for the night)
I even have a few left that I brought for my lunch! (If they last till then!)
Anywho now that I have given you a craft and a recipe to try this weekend I am saying adios! (don't worry ill be back Monday! or maybe even before that!)
I hope you have a super duper weekend!
Hugs and Kisses
Kaitlin Jean
p.s. Im linking up with every one over at the hollie rogue for photo Friday! :) 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

DIY: T-Shirt Bracelet

Remember the adorable T-Shirt Bracelet I Posted?! AND how I told you to go grab a pair of scissors and that old T-shirt in your  closet under a big bundle of who knows what!? If you don't it's right here! 

 I took my own advise yesterday and let me tell ya I am sure glad I did! I am now the maker and owner of a super cute in style bracelet for FREE! woop woop! You can have one too (blogging buddie friendship bracelets? I think so!) It is easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

I found this link through Pinterest which lead me to a tutorial on how to make Jersey T-Shirt Necklaces (okay I lied about the bracelets actually being a necklace but I didn't really know that until I looked it up) For me the necklace just isn't my style (big necklaces just are not a flattering look for me) so I decided to make my version a bracelet (like i originally thought it was anyway). Ooh and Guess what?! I am gonna tell you how I did it step by step with pictures! *football stadium crowd roar*

T-Shirt Bracelet
What Ya Need: An old T-shirt, scissors, classic sewing thread, and a needle

Step One: Fold shirt in half and cut off the bottom rim. Then cut three strips about 1 1/2 - 2 inches wide starting from the bottom of the shirt. 

Step Two: Unfold your three strips and cut the ends. (where the side semi is) This way you will now have six separate strips. 

Step Three: Stretch each strip out a few times to where it naturally starts to curl. 

Step Four: Divided your strips into two groups of three

(I have three groups in my picture but you ONLY need two. If you wish for a thicker bracelet then you can add a third)

Step Five: Sew together the top of the strips of the first group. This way you don't have to tie a knot and worry about them coming undone.

Step Six: find something secure to hold the sewn end of your first group of strips. (I just used my teeth but im sure safety pinning it to something with work just great too!

Step Seven: Braid! Braid the three strips together. Try to keep the braid tight and flowing flat. I would stop occasionally and measure what I had braided around my wrist that way I knew it would fit just right! 
REMEMBER you will be doubling/twisting your braid to where it looks like two bracelets in one. You don't want it to be two short and you not be able to fit your bracelet over your hand. (I might know this from experience...haha)

Step Eight: once you are done braiding your strips and have it at the right length sew both ends together. You will then have a braided "ring" 

REPEAT steps five through eight with your second group of T-Shirt strips

Step Nine: twist each ring in half and set aside. Then cut a small rectangle, from any part of your remaining T-shirt, that is wide enough to hide your sewn ends.

Step Ten: stack your two braided rings on top of each other and place half way on to the rectangle. Fold the rectangle over the tied ends of the rings.

Step Eleven: sew the rectangle together as close as you can to the bracelet

Step Twelve: trip the extra off of your rectangle and turn the sewn end toward the inside of bracelet.


There you have it! Don't you just love it?! 

Now go tell everyone to come on over here so they can learn how to make their own! 
(If you make your own don't forget to tell me and send me a picture!)
Hope you enjoy amigos!
Kaitlin Jean
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