Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend Wins!

Hello there! :) Hope your having a wonderful day so far! My day is already loads better than yesterday! yay!

Anyway I promised to tell you all about my weekend and the things that made it great!

1. My Airman came home this weekend!! That was what really made my weekend so wonderful! We needed to see each other and so it just made everything blissful! We are best friends (literately) and even though we get to talk on the phone, there is a huge difference getting to talk face to face! I was a short little visit and I was really sad when I had to say good-bye again! I miss him like crazy when he is gone! BUT it looks like the 30th I will be going to visit him and I can not wait!!

2. I cut my hair!! Yes really, even though I was saying two weeks ago that I only wish I could cut my hair short and then have it grow back to being long a week later. I just did it (mostly because I was told "don't chicken out" from the boyfriend haha) and I LOVE it! I cut 6 inches off (and yes I was freaking out the whole hair appointment) What do ya think!?

3. This weekend marked ONE MONTH until I move!!

4. My family had a cook out on Saturday and my Papa made his wonderful homemade onion rings and fried pickles! They were delish!

5. As you have probably noticed I don't usually have very many pictures to go a long with my post. That is because I don't have a camera (It got stolen when someone broke into my car two years ago) Being a college student I haven't really saved up the money to buy a camera because A) I'm kinda poor and well I would rather eat and be able to drive B) If I get a camera I want to get a super awesome one! To my point though.. My Airman has let me have barrow his camera! and it is very nice Canon PowerShot! Isn't he just awesome!! Now I will be able to post pictures all the time like all you other great bloggers! woo hoo!

So there ya go folks! My weekend in a nutshell!
(Sorry I have had some kinda lame post lately! I'm working on bringing up the cool factor! I promise!) 

I now need to finish my BLTO sandwich and get back to work!

Talk to ya tomorrow loves!!
Kaitlin Jean

1 comment:

Katie said...

Glad you got to see your man! I think your hair looks absolutely adorable on you. I could never pull that off!! CUTE!

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