Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hello lovelies!!
I am so glad you took my advice and came back today! Yourrr Grrrreat! *said Tony the Tiger style*
Today is a very special day here at Raids of Orange because….
It’s the Month-a-versary!!!
(woot woot! Do your celebration dance!)
I can’t believe I have been blogging for a whole month now! Time really has flown by so fast! It feels like yesterday I was still just a reader! Now I am a one month old here in the blogging world! I have quickly become addicted and I truly enjoy being in this community with all of you! I never realized how this blog would be such a big part of my life and how many wonderful people I would meet through it! If I would have known this before I would have started blogging months ago!
There are a few things that I would like to accomplish in the next month and the many months after just to keep growing and improving Raids of Orange, Along with getting to know all of you and many more bloggers/readers…
1.    I would love to reach 50 followers today! How awesome of an anniversary present would that be?! (let me tell you It would be awesomely AWESOME)
2.    Start posting earlier (like in the morning instead of at lunch time) (I’m obviously starting this one tomorrow…)
3.    Start doing guest post (So if you would have me as your guest or you’re having a crazy week and need a guest I would love love love to do it!)
4.    Have more guests on here (If you would like to be my guest I would love love love to have you!)
5.    To get a button! (I really need help with all the button stuff… I just don’t really understand how to make the codes work and all so if you know how to do that PLEASE if you don’t mind will you help me?)
So if you didn’t notice most of these involve YOU! If you want to help me with accomplishing any of them it would mean the world to me! You can leave me a comment or EMAIL me here! Thank you beautifuls!

Also I owe some major thank yous to every single one of you!! I never imagined that in just a month I would have all the amazing followers/readers that I have! You are all so supportive and the sweetest people in the world! Thank you for all of your comments, encouragement, and for simply reading! I love you all!

There are a few people that I really need to point out and owe major thank yous to as well …

Like I mentioned before I was a reader before I became a blogger. Living in Yellow was one of my absolute favorite daily reads (still is too) and really the blog that inspired me to start my own. One day I decided to “man up” and email Erin just tell her that I loved Living in Yellow and that I was thinking of starting my own blog. I never realized that email would be a start to a great and wonderful friendship! Erin was more than kind in her reply and gave me every ounce of advice and encouragement she had! She has been a huge support for me and encouragement from day one! She is incredibly funny and I don’t think she has ever had a post where I haven’t giggled to myself. That means you need to go read her blog for a good laugh today! She is such an incredible, inspiring, and loving woman who takes life as it comes and makes every part of it into lemonade!
Thank You Erin, for everything, every encouraging word and ounce of inspiration! I love ya girl!

I discovered Katie and her blog, Keep Calm & Carry On, the first week I started Raids of Orange and instantly became hooked! I decided I realllly wanted to have her as a guest on my blog and even though I thought I was a little out of my league I decided to ask! She said graciously said YES and the she would love to! I was amazed and super happy! She had an amazing guest post, which you can find here, and I really feel like she didn’t get all the credit she deserves for it. Katie dished out all of her inspirations for blogging and advice to share it with bloggers new and old! I know she encouraged so many people and I felt honored to have her as my guest. Little did I know, Katie would become a dear friend to me as well! She is such an encouraging woman and lovely inside and out! She has inspired me in many ways and she will you too once you read her blog!
Thank you Katie for everything you have done and all the encouragement and inspiration you give! Love you girl!!

Yes that guy I talk about all the time! Lol I owe him one of the biggest thank yous I can muster! From the moment I told him I was simply thinking about starting this blog he was right on board and more than supportive! He even sat on the phone with me for an hour brainstorming the name for this little place! He has been such an encouragement through the whole process! I update him every day when I get a new follower or when I have new comments. He reads every day, even though he doesn’t have to and already knows most of everything I have already posted!
Thank You Handsome for everything you are, all the endless support and encouragement! Also for inspiring me to be the best of me! I love you so much!

Now don’t forget to keep on celebrating with me today and consider helping me with those goals up there because I would really love that! Ya’ll are the BEST! I can’t wait for the many more months to unfold here!

*Doin my celebration dance all day long*
Kaitlin Jean


Erin said...

First off, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY :) How exciting for you and to see where you have come in just a months time!!
Second off, thank you for making me tear up at work. I am not kidding..that was the sweetest thing ever and I can't say thank you enough.
Blogging is worth it just because of a friendship I have developed with YOU.
You are the sweetest and I love reading what you have to say.
I know you will get to your 50 readers asap!
I'll put something out there on facebook about it later for ya :)
Love you girl!

Kris said...

Congrats on your 1 month! It's so exciting huh? I am new to blogging myself and I am loving the people, inspiration and I guess the blogging world itself! I can definitely help you with the buttons, just email me,

Oh and I haven't had a guest post yet so maybe we can work that out! Have a wonderful day!


Katie said...

Girlfriend, I definitely got a lot of love from my guest post so don't you fret about that!! I appreciate all of it and that you mentioned me today for helping you with your blog :) that means so much to me. I hope I can continue to be an inspiration for you and will always be here for you if you have any questions or anything at all! If I start slacking, just shoot me an email and tell me to straighten up! ;)

You reached 50 followers so YAY!

Happy 1 month Raids of Orange!

Magan said...

Happy 1st! When I started following I had no idea you were a new blogger! It seems like you've been doing this forever. I love your blog and truly appreciate the support you've given me as I get my little bloggy off the ground! I can't wait to see what you've got coming up. I'd love to have you as a guest on A Touch of Class :) XO Magan

Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

Congrats! I absolutely love reading your blog! It's so positive and fun :)


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