Friday, July 29, 2011

Introducing: Fact About Me Friday

Hello Dears! 

I want to start of this fabulous Friday with woot woot! 

There are now 50 followers here on this little blog!
(Insert all 50 of your pictures here)

You made it happen on my Month-a-versary and it was such a wonderful "gift" so Thank you so very much! :)

Now I cant wait for there to be 100 of you!! 
(a girl can dream right!?)

Anywho it was a wonderful anniversary and it meant so much that you all celebrated it with me!

In other news...

I am starting my own weekly link up!!
I know I know! There are already so many link ups for everyday of the week and you just wanna write about what ever your darn little heart desires!
 Well that's why this link up is so great!

I wanted to create a link up that was easy and topic free!
 I think link parties are a great way to introduce/discover all the great blogs out there!

This link up party will be called...
*drum roll please*

Fact About Me Friday

It is about as simple as it sounds

On Fridays simply include a fact about yourself in your post!
This could mean writing:
 a whole post with several facts
a post all about one fact
 a post about whatever with a fact thrown in somewhere

Your fact(s) can be funny, serious, detailed, or short and sweet!

One great thing about this link up party is that you can link up with your Friday favorites!! Like at the hollie rouge with Andi for Photo Friday or with Magan at A touch of Class for her brand new link up, Foodie Friday
link up for Fact About Me Friday at the same time! 

So what do you say?!
I say Let's Do It!!

Here is the beautiful picture to go along with your fact!
(It is not one of those awesome linky-up-zoom-you-to-another-blog picture yet but soon it will be thanks to the wonderful Miss. Kristal who has graciously offered to help me make all my button troubles go away!)

And that is about all you need to know about for this weekly party I think!
(if my newbieness has caused me to leave any important things out just let me know if you don't mind)

 oh and in case I didn't make this part clear
(yes you!)
Every Friday!

For this very first Fact About Me Friday I am going to spoil you with more than just one fact about myself today! 

So here goes...


I am the current holder of the highest score on Dance Central in my house hold
(this is my winning dance move at the end of every song)

I got my first pair glasses when I was five years old
(I have ate millions of carrots in my lifetime and I am still blind as a bat)

One of my all time favorite actresses is Audrey Hepburn

I am one of the most ticklish people on Earth
(I am also still just this cute when being tickled to death)


See what I genius idea Fact About Me Friday is?!? 
It is such an easy way for your readers to learn more and out you and a great way to connect with more people in the blogging world! 

I really hope you will join me!

Lets Link, Link, Link it Up!!
Kaitlin Jean


jaimie michelle said...

Congrats on your Month-a-versary and 50 followers! I found your blog through Erin at Living in Yellow and have been reading it for a few weeks now--it's absolutely amazing! I started blogging a few months ago, took a short break, and am back for good!

I love this link-up (they're my favorite to begin with) but this one is just so cute! I'm right there with you on the glasses thing--I got mine at 6--and the ticklish thing!

Good luck with everything!


Emily said...

Love your blog! So sweet. :)

Ana MF said...

Congrats on reaching 50! Too bad I'm follower #49 haha.

Audrey Hepburn is my favorite actress too and I'm too SO ticklish. My husband just laughs at me non-stop because of that!

Have a great weekend! xo, Ana

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