Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wishin & Lovin

My dear blogging buddy Erin has invented wishin & lovin Wednesdays! She started it last week but I had already written my post before I discovered her Wednesday invention and so today I finally get to join in on the fun!

I’m wishin I could spend some of these summer days outside laying by the pool! As you can see from the few pictures I have posted I am glowing white! I have very fair skin and pretty much am the same color all year round, but if I were to have the time to lay out a few days a week I could get some color for once in my life! (A tan on me is probably what you look like in the dead of winter) You see at the beginning of the summer my relationship with Mr. Sun was going great! Almost every day we would spend several hours together and we would have such a great time. Each day he would even give me a little gift of a little bit of tanness, but then I started to miss a few of our dates because of work. He was pretty upset with me and so now he wont even try wait for me to get off before he starts to leave which leaves us no time together at all!
Im lovin That this weekend I ran into Mr. Sun and we realized we hadn’t skipped a beat. He understands now that I have to work in order to by those cute swim suits I wear for him and so hes now hes not upset with me anymore! He even gave me some tanness like he used too! (He still wont wait for me to get off work though, so I guess we will just have to work on that) We are going to spend a whole five days together on vacation at the lake next week though and so we are both pretty excited! Hopefully next week I can just be lovin that Ill have a real tan!
Im wishin Casey Anthony was in jail!! I still cannot believe she got off! I feel like EVERYONE thought she was guilty! I mean how could you not?!
I have no lovin for her honestly! I know we are supposed to love our enemies but the only lovin I have hear is for the dear little angle that was taken! I hope she is as happy as can be and filling more love than one can imagine up in heaven!
Im wishin I had hair that grows super fast because I keep having these thoughts about cutting my hair short (to my sholders) but I am too scared to do it because I know I will love that little short do for a little bit but then Ill be wishing for my long hair to come back. Wishin wont do much for me because my hair takes FOREVER to grow a centimenter much less inches!
fake out pic! what I would look like with shorter hair
Im lovin my long hair still though and that I can do lots of cute things with it! Honestly I usually wear my hair in one of two ways... down and straight or pulled up into a ponytail. So I’m gonna put some action to my lovin and work on trying new styles! It can be my second mission

Im wishin my boo could be home or that October would get here asap so we can live in the same town and go to school together already!  I miss him so much when he is gone! If I could have it my way I’d spend every minute of every day with him! (That may seem a little crazy but I can bet ya hes wishin it too ;) )
Im loving him dearly still and that we get to talk just about every day! (when he was in basic for 2 months we only talked through a few letters) He has been so sweet with texting and calling as much as he can! and every day he tries to make sure I know he loves me and misses me too! I also am lovin that even though most of our relationship has been long distance we have pushed through all the struggles and had our "fights against the world" and we are happier and more in love each day that passes!
Love you Handsome!
I Hope you are all having a wonderful wednesday! Is everyone having a good week?! I cant believe we are already half way through the week already! I could really get used to these four day work weeks!
Lots of Lovin
Kaitlin Jean

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Erin said...

I am so excited you linked up today. I love your list that you came up with. I can not imagine having to be away from your love like you do. Great posts girl. Love ya!

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