Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mission: Simplify and Organize

There are so many things going through my mind that I could write about today but I have finally picked my topic of the day… Hoarders. Yes you just read that right! Have you ever seen that show?! The first Hoarders show I ever saw was on TLC, but on A&E there was a marathon of another Hoarders show yesterday in which my sister and I took apart in watching about four episodes. (Why there was a Hoarders marathon on for the 4th of July I have no idea)

If you have never seen the show or don’t know what hoarding is, it’s actually mental disease where people keep everything and are super disorganized. Official definition: the excessive acquisition of possessions (and failure to use or discard them) even if the items are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary. You can’t imagine some of the things that you see on the show! (Warning!! Don’t watch it on your TV dinner night!) It’s honestly so sad and heartbreaking to see what these people are living in. These amazing homes turned into a dump site. On the show it unveils homes of hoarders and they get someone to come and help clean the whole mess. Also they receive psychological help and discover what has put them in the place they are and how to change it.

I don’t know why but it’s kinda addicting to watch! I really like to see the transformation of the homes! (Maybe it’s the interior designer in me?) It’s just incredible to see how filthy and unlivable this place has been for years and then in a matter of days it’s this little home! After seeing all the hoarded houses it gives you this “My house isn’t that bad” feeling. Then you get a cleaning and organizing urge! (Well I do at least)



So now I am on a mission to simplify and organize!! I am not a hoarder and I am not even a very messy person but I am admitting my little room at home gets a little out of control with working to jobs and going to school. Not to mention the fact that I basically have a whole apartment in my room too because I’m storing all my stuff in there (no not couches and all my furniture, but everything else!) I can’t do a whole bunch in my room at home but I’m going to do everything I can! Then when I move into my apartment it will be my fresh start to get it all right! First I am going to start with my closet! I have a lot of stuff that is just old and doesn’t fit anymore. I’m pretty sure I could find a few things from back in the days of middle school! I’m gonna try to sell a few things to a consignment shop in town and donate the rest! I’m about a 5 in general on the 1-10 scale of sentimentalness and with clothing I am about a 1. My motto is that I have not worn it in the last two years it’s for sho going out! After my closet I’m not sure where I will be moving on to (maybe my desk) but I won’t stop until the whole mission is complete!

Anyone else wanna join me on this mission?!
Kaitlin Jean

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