Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pins, Love and a Wish

Wooo hoo it’s Wednesday! We’re half way through the week already! You want to know something I love about Wednesday!? All the link ups! I am linking up to two awesome blogs today! The Vintage Apple and This Kind of Love! Last week was my first time to link up for OH how Pinteresting and I loved it! Then I discovered what I am loving Wednesday and well because I am loving all my pins I thought it deserved a double link up! Don’t you?!
Do you remember Wishin & Lovin that the lovely Miss. Erin invented... well its kinda like over now. Which I totally understand! You can only wish for so much ya know… Like I can only think of a few wishes: For everything I pin to come to life and be mine, time to go a little faster so I can move already (and for my man to officially come home), more readers/followers, a never ending shopping allowance, to meet all of my favorite designers/music artist/movie stars, to be able to wake up and instantly be ready for the day, to eat everything in sight and not gain one once, to be tan, and for the Ok State Cowboys to kick everyone’s booties this season!...okay well maybe I can think of more than a few wishes! Haha
I do have one last official wishin & lovin though peeps
I’m wishin for some help! Can someone please help me figure out all this button stuff?! I one don’t know how to officially post a link up button in a post and I don’t know how to make my own button. I need help, pretty please with a cherry on top! I will love you forever and ever!! And then after you help me we got to go tell Miss Mommy because we are in the same boat here!
And now on to what I am loving… Pinterest Style!
 T-Shirt Bracelets!!
We ALL have an old T-Shirt out there don't we?! Well grab that shirt and get your scissors out! 
We can all make them our friendship bracelets ;) 

Zucchini Chips!
YUMM!! Healthy chips yes please, I am going to try to make these very soon! I still have not gotten to make any of the recipes I have found on Pinterest but hopefully I will soon! Katie has found some great recipes to try on Pinterest too! Go check them out!  

I am loving all of these color combinations! I can pretty much guarantee I will be pulling this up for my next project! 

Homemade Salt Scrub! I think we need to all have a party and make this! 

One day this will be the wreath hanging on my door! Its so simple but so cute! You can guess what color mine will be...ORANGE!!

Yes you! You have no idea how much you all make my day! I am so thankful to have you as my readers/followers! Every time I see I have a new comment or one more page view I start to jump up and down with joy! Thank You!! You are AWESOME!

Lots of love!
Kaitlin Jean


Janey said...

I have those zucchini chips pinned too! They look soooo amazingly good.

BellaVida said...

Interesting pins. Especially the paint chips.

Bella Vida by Letty
Have a great day.

Sarah said...

I LOVE the paint chips! SUCH gorgeous colors. Totally just repinned that YOU one the other day! I'll have to find you because these pins are so perfect (and we have such similar taste!)

Cait said...

great pics girl :) love your blog by the way! xo

Amy Rene said...

zucchini chips?? those sound really good! I have to try them now...

{I'm hosting a giveaway & would love to see you there!}

Ana MF said...

That's so cute! Love the zucchini chips and the wreath!

xo, Ana
My (Newly)Wed Life

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