Thursday, September 29, 2011


I made it!! I got it done just in time and I have to say I am pretty happy with my little project!

Here is my final board!

and some close ups of my floor plan and elevations..
(which were all hand drafted)


What do you think?!

Through this design I will be adding on to my kitchen and will eventually end up with a complete house at the end of the semester!

I have designed a house from the ground up before but I never got to take it step by step which is what I am really enjoying with this project!

Now I am finally off to the wonderful place called heaven (aka my bed) to make up for the eight + hours I missed last night!

Kaitlin Jean

Project In Progress

Project Update!!!!
Project Due at 5:10pm 

Current Time: 12:00

Time spent on campus working on project since yesterday: 8:00pm - current..

Thats right I still haven't gone home! I pulled an all-nighter and to add a little TMI in the mix I am still wearing the same clothes I was wearing yesterday. 

I have two classes this morning interfering with valued project time right now but at 1:30 I will be back into the drafting room!

I really have everything done I just need to put a little glue on my papers and stick them on! 

Estimated time for completion: 30 minutes!

I PROMISE I will have another post tonight with my finished project on it so stay on the look out and plan to come back after dinner! :)

I hope you all are having a super duper Thursday!!

Kaitlin Jean

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Goodies and Newies


I couldnt really think of a good title for todays post but...

You all know what today is!!! 



I haven't had tons of time to be pinning lately but I have found a few goodies that I love!!


 I Love Dandelions!! Like a lot! and I really want to make my nails look like this!!
I mean who doesn't have this...

AHH I cant wait to plan/shop for my wedding one day! Because these are my dream wedding shoes!! These or a really cure pair of boots!
Where were these when I was designing a coffee shop?!
Candy Corn Cheese Cake!YUM
Where were these when I was designing a coffee shop?!
Now I know what I am going to do with all of my ties from when I worked as a waitress at Zio's!!
Chicken Cheese Green Bean Casserole!! One of my FAVORITE Thanksgiving dishes!

I told ya I had some goodies!!

Speaking of good I have a very exciting spacial post for tomorrow!

So come back ya here!

Happy Wednesday!!

Kaitlin Jean

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

If I Were a Cottage Kitchen I'd Be...

Howdy Ya'll!

To get straight to the point today...

I have NO clue what to write about today!!

I don't really have any inspirational things going on in my head or some crazy awesome thing going on in my life to share. 

Today all that is on my mind is my Studio One project that is due by Thursday.

I would say I am pretty far a long but at the same time I have a lot to do. 
(anyone get what I am saying?!)

For this project I am designing a kitchen for a couple in their early 50's. They are wanting to downsize to a smaller home into the city. They at one point were interested in buying a log cabin but for some reason that didn't work out. They also really enjoy Michigan styled summer cottages. They also enjoy nature and are big on recycling. 
(and now you get the pic of what/who I am designing for)

The moment I got this project handed to me my mind started going and I instantly relied on Pinterest for some inspiration!

Today I am goin to share with you some of the pins that have inspired me for this project and what I am building some of my design off of...

When I think of cottage I think of wood, eclectic, vintage, open, airy, greens, light blues, whites, and grays. 

I already have my actually floor plan planned and done so now I just have elevations and my sample board left!

I will for sure be posting pictures!! :)

Have a very happy tuesday!

Kaitlin Jean

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear Monday, Your Awesome!

Happy Monday Friends!
(I'm trying to be really nice to Monday so that hopefully it will be really nice to me in return today!)
(so far it is working.)

How was everyones weekend?!
I hope GREAT is the answer!

That's what my answer is! :)
Because My weekend consisted of some great/fun/happy/awesome things like...

- Dressing up and going to the Creative Workshop by a Designer from London!
The workshop was amazing!!
(Maxi Dress: Target, Belt: Thrifted from my Moms Closet)
(I still don't have a fashion photographer but get excited because I will here soon!!)

- My man coming to see me!!

- Moving some of the handsome man's things into his house so it will be kinda ready for him when he moves back in A WEEK!! (ahhh Im so excited!)

- Trying the new BLT Blue cheese hot dog from Sonic
Let me tell ya I never knew a hot dog could taste that way and be so yummy!!

- Window shopping and adding even more things to my want list! Like the most beautiful pair of tennis shoes I have ever seen and a super stylish jacket. 

- eating fried pickles!!! I LOVE pickles and fried ones at that and I had the pleasure of discovering that sonic has some on their menu!! 

- Watching Bridesmaids!!
I had been wanting to see this movie for soo long and it finally happened yesterday!
I personally thought that the movie was stinkin hilarious and I might have even watched it two times in row! 

- Homework, Homework, Studying, and Homework

 - A good friend coming over and just hanging out and talking instead of doing homework like we said we would (Im kinda really glad we didn't)

- eating M&Ms and peanut butter with a spoon
One Word: MmmMMmm
(If that even is a word)

- OSU winning against Texas A&M! woot woot! I knew my Cowboy's could do it! Were 3-0 right now and I hope we keep up the booty kickin!!

- Pizza and having two boxes left over in my fridge! I got a whole pizza from my Dad and one from Justin in a three day span! Success! 

- A really wonderful and relaxing bubble bath that I really needed after my crazy week and to get me ready for this one!

- Discovering a new hair style for myself!
A little side messy bun! :)
(I know this is a bad pic of me but it was kinda awkward taking photo booth pics of yourself with a bunch of other people around you so this is a one and done sinario)

And yeah that what made my GREAT weekend! 

What made your weekend GREAT?!?

Kaitlin Jean

Friday, September 23, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Happy Fall!!!

I think this has to be one of the best Fridays ever with it being the first day of Fall and the start of my much needed weekend!!

Anywho some of you might remember me saying something about my daddy-o coming to visit me yesterday...

Well he did come and we had a Great night together!

I am a complete Daddy's Girl and I have been since day one basically! 

My Dad and I pretty much have the same personality and so I think thats what make us click so well.
(I am not denying I have several qualities like my mom and we click in our ways too but that is a whole other post)

To start our evening off my dad took me to one of my favorite restaurants here in Stillwater called Eskimo Joes!
Have you ever heard of it or been there?! If you haven't you have to go! and let me come with you! ;)

My dad order the Fowl Thing (chicken sandwich) and when it came out it was HUGE!

(Im telling you Im not exaggerating)

This is my Daddy ready to eat the massive thing!

I had a burger and some of the best fires ever! I don't know why but I have a strong obsession with Joe's french fries and ranch. I think I would eat them everyday if possible!

I had meant to ask for our waitress to take our picture together but It was a little busy and I didn't get the chance :/ next time I guess!

After our super yummy dinner we went back to my apartment to change and get ready to run around campus.

A little over a year ago my dad really started to go into this health kick and started working our a lot. He wasn't over weight or unhealthy in my opinion but it was just something he really wanted to do. 

His dad, my Grandpa, passed away when I was just a year old from heart problems and I think my dad wants to make sure he really takes care of him self so he can make sure he will be around for a long time! Which I am more than proud of him for doing!

He actually lost a lot of weight (even though there wasn't much to loose in the first place) and he has stayed pretty detected to his new lifestyle. 

Anyway the point of that story is we ran two and a half miles together and let me tell you this 41 year old man complexity put me to same! As embarrassed as I should be I really am not because I am just gleaming with pride! He is a beast and there is no other way to put it.

After our run my dad really wanted to get Ice cream (oh the irony) so we did.

It was a great reward in my opinion especially because i had PUMPKIN ICE CREAM with white chocolate chips!

ooh it was sooo yummy!!

In conclusion we had a perfect Daddy and Daughter night! 
(Thank You Daddy!)

Anyone else out there a Daddy's Girl?! 

Now my dad is off an gone back home and I am off to have a great weekend!!

I hope you all have a very happy weekend! and Ill see yall Monday!

Kaitlin Jean

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Okie Dokie!

Hello Pretty Pumpkins!
(Im not saying anyone is fat, I just like the term of endearment. Just to clear that up.)

I have to admit im in a bit of a quandary today.
For me there are two great link up parties on Thursdays that I just absolutely love!


So I have deiced I am just going to alternate each week between the two that way in a way I am never missing out!

(Sorry if I am boring you at this point)

I honestly don't have enough Awkward and Awesome moments to share this week so I am saving them up for the next. 

There for today here at Raids of Orange it is...

 "It's Okay" Thursday

You might remember me joining in on this little party last week!
(if you don't you can find it here)

Anywho here we go!

It's Okay...

Its Ok Thursdays leave my nails in need of a major paint job and saying "I really need to paint these! I'll do it tonight!" every time I glance at them everyday for a week. get a little excited that I got A+ on both of my exams this week! eat frozen eggrolls for lunch everyday because  1. it's the only easy/quick thing I have left in the frezeer and 2. they are just soooo yummy! be so excited to see my Daddy!! (I'm a daddy's girl!) He is coming down for work today and tomorrow and so we are planning on having dinner and taking a light run through campus tonight! have a MILLION new shows stared on hulu! There are way to many good new t.v. shows on! *sigh* if I only had the time! still not fully understand how twitter works never have had a myspace. (I just went from xanga to facebook and skipped that whole thing) "threaten" the receptionist/assistant manager about maintenance being done in my apartment since it had been a month and a half since I have needed things fixed. (it worked.) skip my Lifespan Human Development class to go to a Creative Workshop by Basia Szkutnicka a designer from the London College of Fashion! (I mean seriously! who wouldnt want to skip to listen to someone talk with a british accent for two hours?!?)

There you have it! It's Okay! :)

I hope you all are having a super duper day!!

Kaitlin Jean

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall, Recipes and Pins



I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday! As you might know I love wednesdays because of the two fabulous link ups...


I have actually gotten to pin a little more than usual just here and there and I think I have some good ones to share today!!

So we might as well get to it right?!

Here is what I am loving on Pinterest...

Isn't this the coolest chair ever?!

super cute warm cozy socks! <3

Scrap Fabric Flowers! I want to make these to spruce up my backpack!

duhh! ;) who doesn't!!

Chocolate Soup!! What?!?! I must make this during the winter!

I love these! I have been meaning to make these for a while now!

Pumpkin Seeds!! Yes Please!!

If only I could pull these off!

and last but not least...
Homemade Caramel!! As you can see I have a lot of recipes added into my "need to try" pile!

There you have it beautifuls!!! 

I hope you have a great rest of your day and I cant wait to see everyones pinterests post or whatever else you wrote about today! :)

Kaitlin Jean

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


and I really don't mind it one bit! 

I have to admit I am one of those nerds that loves school! 

I enjoy going to class, being on campus, meeting new people and becoming close friends with the people you have classes with everyday. I love the challenge and the amount of knowledge I gain but never thought I could. I love the feeling of A(cing) my projects and tests and the gratification of a finished design and project. I love getting my hands covered in lead from drafting and making my ideas come to life. I love the smell of the textiles library and and the sound of pencils drawing and mouses clicking. I love using all 40 hours limit on pandora during finals week. and I love being pushed out of my box and being inspired to be in a constant creative state of mind

Okay so you get the point now. I really like school.

I mean sure I don't enjoy having tons of homework all the time and being a stressed mess. Staying up all night and rushing to get assignments in minutes before their due are not very awesome things either.  Having swollen feet and an aching back from my 100 pound backpack and trucking miles a day isn't the greatest thing.

 Last night all I could see were all these negatives but then I realized there are a lot more things that I love about school than the number of things I hate. 

This is my life right now and I am loving it! 
(and I am loving all the other great things that comes along with being a college kid besides school of course!)
Sometimes its so easy to get caught up in the negatives of everything but with every "hate" I believe there are 1,000 loves. Sometimes those loves are so hard to see for some reason. Its like we see the bad things as the moon and that its the biggest thing ever even though there are millions of stars (aka the great things)! At the end of the day this is your life so why not love try your best to focus on the good things going for ya?! See the stars!!

What is your life right now and why are you loving it?!

This is my "challenge" for you today. Think about it. Let it sink in deep.

Kaitlin Jean

Monday, September 19, 2011

Update, Update, Read All About It!

Happy Monday!!
I hope you all had a great weekend!! 

Mine was pretty great to say the least!
I would share every detail with you but I have some exciting announcements that I just cant wait to share instead!

After getting out of my bad blogger spell I decided that this little blog here needed some new accessories!

You might already see the changes over there ---->

I decided Raids of Orange needed to get a little more modern and networkable so I now have...
*Drum roll Please*

A Button!!!
Raids of Orange Button

This new accessory is the one I am the most excited about! I have been trying to get a button for what feels like forever! After reading several tutorials I finally had a "ahh ha" moment and was able to create this pretty little thing! 

What do you think?! Do you like it?!

I kinda think you should go ahead and grab this pretty little button and put it on your beautiful blog! ;)

I also now have a...

 Facebook page 
Twitter account
(I am completely new to Twitter so bare with me while I figure it out! If you have any tips or advise for it please share your words of wisdom!)

Which you can go "like" and follow thorough the buttons on my sidebar!

These pages are gonna be so great because you can expect to see...

- New Post announcements
- Random thoughts and updates that run through my mind
- Pictures I might randomly happen to snap
- Heads up on giveaways
- Introductions to blogs that I love
- and much much more!

Now that you know all of the awesome extras that are gonna be happening, after you add my pretty little button to your blog, you should follow me through twitter and like my Facebook page! ;)

So there you have it folks! Im all updated, socially networked and read to go! 

Im really excited about these new changes and I think they will be a great thing for this little 'ol blog of mine! I have big dreams for Raids of Orange and I think this is just one of the little steps for making those happen!

I hope you all have a GREAT start to your week and you smile at least 100 times today! 

Kaitlin Jean
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