Monday, September 12, 2011

Little Sister

Hello My Lovely Blogging Buddies!

I hope all had a wonderful weekend!

I know a lot of us spent it remembering 9/11 and honoring those who died and rescued that day! I thought they did a wonderful job with the memorial services and programs! I cant believe it was ten years ago since I saw that second plane, the buildings fall, smoke coming out of the pentagon and all the civilians and service men covered in ashes and blood. I remember that day with extreme vividness and I honestly still tear up to this day thinking about it! I just have remember though that through the tragic event our country was bonded even closer and became stronger than ever in a time of need and desperation. Its a day that makes me realize how truly proud I am to be an American!
Along with remembering 9/11 my family had some celebrating to do this weekend but before I tell you why I have someone that I would like to introduce to you today...

This little chica is my little sister <3

Her name is Kinslee but I like to just call her Kins

Today she is turning 14! 
(Which honestly kinda freaks me out! She's supposed to stay a little pigtailed 5 year old forever right?!?)
(also hints the celebrating my family and I partook in!)

Just 14 years ago I was only five and I didn't really understand what was going on besides the fact that Mommy and Daddy had to go get my baby sister and I got to stay with my grandparents in something called a waiting room with all the new toys and Beenie Babies that my parents surprised me with in the car as we went to the big pink hospital!

I remember we left our house really early in the morning (it was still dark outside) It was a little bit of a drive and the whole time my parents kept telling me how much they loved me and told me all about my little sister and what it was going to be like when she got here! Even though I didn't really grasp the whole thing with full understanding I was pumped to be a BIG sister!! I was even wearing a  t-shirt that confirmed my upgrade from being and only child!

When we got to the pink hospital (aka Saint Francis in Tulsa) My Grandmama Jean and Papa where there and after sitting on the counter top where the desk lady sits at for what felt like forever while the grown ups talked we went to this big room. Mommy sat in a big magic bed that moved by itself and had cool rails that helped me clim up on the bed. My family all just chilled forever and I claimed Uno champion agains all of my family members!

Then later that day the Doctors came in and My grandparents took me out of the room and told me we were gonna go to the waiting room while my parents go get my sister. So off we went! Having the attention span of a five year old I quickly made it through the activities in my Big Sister gift bag and then my grandparents had to come up with several new activities like exploring the hospital halls, riding the elevator, going to the gift shop, and stopping my the cafeteria. 

Finally they took me back to the big room we were all in before and we were waiting for my Mom, Dad and new Sister to come back. As my mom was being brought back in a rolly bed my dad told me to not look at my mom and to just sit back for a minute. I was so confused and of course I looked at her even though I was told not to! She was crying, a lot and my new sister was no where in site! 

I now know that My mom delivery was not a smooth one at all. There were several complications and It got to the point where the Doctors asked my Dad whom they should save, my mother or sister. I don't know why but it got to a point where they thought either my Mom or my Sister was going to die. Thankfully through Gods hands things got better and my sister pulled through and entered the world while my mom was still alive and well!

Kins is a miracle baby to say the least! and I am more than a thankful big sister she did! I remember after a while my mom calmed down and stopped crying and the mood turned into pure happiness and smiles. Then this little clear box was rolled in and inside it was this little baby. A baby about as small as my teddy bear. My parents then introduced me to Kinslee my little baby sister! 

I remember the first time I hold her, I was so scared I wasn't strong enough to hold her by myself! She was so tiny and I really didn't want her to cry. Thankfully the whole thing went over smoothly and I officially understood what being a big sister was! I had this new friend and person to protect from the world!

Over the past 14 years I have seen that tiny little baby turn into one of the most beautiful and kind hearted girl I have ever met! Kins is more than caring and would drop anything to help others! And even though we have had our sibling moments and sometimes push each others button way to far I would never ever wish for anyone else to have as my sister!

I love you with all of my heart Kins and I will always be here for you!! You are such an amazing young lady and I cant wait to see you grow up and become the amazing woman your going to be! 


Do any of you have any younger siblings and remember the day you became the BIG sis/bro?! 
I would love to hear your story if you do!!

Have a very happy Monday ya'll and please don't forget to share some birthday blog lovin to my sister!

Kaitlin Jean


Magan said...

Happy Birthday Kaitlin's Little Sis!! I hope you had a fabulous weekend :) XOXO

Katie said...

aw! she's a cute young lady :) happy birthday to her!

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