Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear Monday, Your Awesome!

Happy Monday Friends!
(I'm trying to be really nice to Monday so that hopefully it will be really nice to me in return today!)
(so far it is working.)

How was everyones weekend?!
I hope GREAT is the answer!

That's what my answer is! :)
Because My weekend consisted of some great/fun/happy/awesome things like...

- Dressing up and going to the Creative Workshop by a Designer from London!
The workshop was amazing!!
(Maxi Dress: Target, Belt: Thrifted from my Moms Closet)
(I still don't have a fashion photographer but get excited because I will here soon!!)

- My man coming to see me!!

- Moving some of the handsome man's things into his house so it will be kinda ready for him when he moves back in A WEEK!! (ahhh Im so excited!)

- Trying the new BLT Blue cheese hot dog from Sonic
Let me tell ya I never knew a hot dog could taste that way and be so yummy!!

- Window shopping and adding even more things to my want list! Like the most beautiful pair of tennis shoes I have ever seen and a super stylish jacket. 

- eating fried pickles!!! I LOVE pickles and fried ones at that and I had the pleasure of discovering that sonic has some on their menu!! 

- Watching Bridesmaids!!
I had been wanting to see this movie for soo long and it finally happened yesterday!
I personally thought that the movie was stinkin hilarious and I might have even watched it two times in row! 

- Homework, Homework, Studying, and Homework

 - A good friend coming over and just hanging out and talking instead of doing homework like we said we would (Im kinda really glad we didn't)

- eating M&Ms and peanut butter with a spoon
One Word: MmmMMmm
(If that even is a word)

- OSU winning against Texas A&M! woot woot! I knew my Cowboy's could do it! Were 3-0 right now and I hope we keep up the booty kickin!!

- Pizza and having two boxes left over in my fridge! I got a whole pizza from my Dad and one from Justin in a three day span! Success! 

- A really wonderful and relaxing bubble bath that I really needed after my crazy week and to get me ready for this one!

- Discovering a new hair style for myself!
A little side messy bun! :)
(I know this is a bad pic of me but it was kinda awkward taking photo booth pics of yourself with a bunch of other people around you so this is a one and done sinario)

And yeah that what made my GREAT weekend! 

What made your weekend GREAT?!?

Kaitlin Jean


Miranda said...

that is a really cute dress! i love target! I also watched Bridesmaids this is hilarious!

Erin said...

Wow-you did have a great weekend. Love the outfit pic & hair are darling. Miss you friend :)

Katie said...

I watched Bridesmaids too! We thought it was hilarious!!!!! We loved the large lady haha she was too funny. Your hair looks sooo cute cut like that!

Anonymous said...

That hot dog looks so good! I am a huge lover of blue cheese! If only there was a Sonic in my college town!


Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

1. Love your outfit 2.Love Bridesmaids and I really want it now! 3. I eat PB and M&Ms too. I will also do that with chocolate chips.


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