Tuesday, September 20, 2011


and I really don't mind it one bit! 

I have to admit I am one of those nerds that loves school! 

I enjoy going to class, being on campus, meeting new people and becoming close friends with the people you have classes with everyday. I love the challenge and the amount of knowledge I gain but never thought I could. I love the feeling of A(cing) my projects and tests and the gratification of a finished design and project. I love getting my hands covered in lead from drafting and making my ideas come to life. I love the smell of the textiles library and and the sound of pencils drawing and mouses clicking. I love using all 40 hours limit on pandora during finals week. and I love being pushed out of my box and being inspired to be in a constant creative state of mind

Okay so you get the point now. I really like school.

I mean sure I don't enjoy having tons of homework all the time and being a stressed mess. Staying up all night and rushing to get assignments in minutes before their due are not very awesome things either.  Having swollen feet and an aching back from my 100 pound backpack and trucking miles a day isn't the greatest thing.

 Last night all I could see were all these negatives but then I realized there are a lot more things that I love about school than the number of things I hate. 

This is my life right now and I am loving it! 
(and I am loving all the other great things that comes along with being a college kid besides school of course!)
Sometimes its so easy to get caught up in the negatives of everything but with every "hate" I believe there are 1,000 loves. Sometimes those loves are so hard to see for some reason. Its like we see the bad things as the moon and that its the biggest thing ever even though there are millions of stars (aka the great things)! At the end of the day this is your life so why not love try your best to focus on the good things going for ya?! See the stars!!

What is your life right now and why are you loving it?!

This is my "challenge" for you today. Think about it. Let it sink in deep.

Kaitlin Jean


Jackie Sue said...

Art School is definitely my life right now. Your picture surrounded by books, laptop, more books = me right now!!! I feel ya sista!!

Ana said...

Being a newlywed is my life now - fixing up the house, spending hours painting and buying new things, finding new recipes, spending time with my husband. It doesn't get better than this.

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