Thursday, September 1, 2011

Braids, A DIT, and A Guest Post!

Happy Thursday Beautifuls!!

Boy oh boy do I have a super great treat for you today!! :)

It is a guest post from the super sweet, cool, foxy Nicole from Dancing With Sunshine!

I met/found Nicole a while back and instantly loved her blog! The first time I visited her blog she had a DIY post of a super cute headband!! I thought "what a crafting genius I have to have her come guest post on my blog!" But that day was one of those days when blogger was being dumb and wouldn't let me comment so I moved on. 

The next day however Nicole had a give away for a headband if anyone could guess her favorite candy!! (She included the picture below as the hint) As you all have probably realized by now I love anything orange and orange candies are just one of the many orange loves in my life! So when I saw Nicole's picture I knew instantly what her fav candy was! Luckily blogger was working and I commented as fast as I could! 
I won the giveaway and I cant wait to rock that headband!! And share it with all of you of course!

So thanks to Nicole's mad crafting skills, orange, and blogger working we became friends! :) and when I asked her if she would do a guest post I was so excited when she said yes!! 

Anyway now that I have share Nicole's and I's "how we met story" I am giving Nicole the floor now!
 *everyone mumbles "finally!" under their breath*

Take it away girl!!

Hey kids (don't be offended, I call everyone that).
I am so excited Kaitlin asked me to be a guest blogger. I feel so special!

One thing that I'm sure a lot of you like to do is DIY's and crafts.
I would do them every night if I didn't have a house to clean, or photos to edit, or a puppy to entertain.
Here is a fun craft that my best friend and I did one night for our first ever 'craft night'. Hence the name DIT (Do it together. Bah! So smart huh?!)

Here's what you'll need:
Exacto knife
Premo clay (I believe it's called femo clay as well?)
an oven
a bangle bracelet
a friend
a glass of wine (careful with the knife!)

Michelle getting ready to craft

I come prepared with Orange Slices.   Kaitlin, see, I'm obsessed with these things!

This is the clay I got from Hobby Lobby.  

Step 1
Preheat oven to 245 degrees 
Begin by separating 3 chunks of the clay.
Roll them into snakes (remember from like, first grade?)

Step 2
Once you have three long pieces (I'd say about a foot and a half), smoooooosh the tops of them together.
We then pushed them to the table so they would stay.
Begin to braid.

Step 4
Once you have your braid complete, place it on top of your bangle bracelet to match up for size.  
We did ours a little larger than the bangle, but turns out they were too large :(
Once you have the size, cut both sides (the part that was smoooooshed on the table and the finished end) with the exacto knife, making a clean cut.
Smoooooosh the two ends together.
I rubbed mine to try and make the line go away.

Step 5
 Once you have them all finished, place in the oven on a baking sheet for 25 min.

The finished product!
This was super super easy, and really fun to make.  I am def. going to make some more, but just a little smaller :)
Let me know how this DIT works for you!
Isn't that the best DIT ever!?! I told you she was a crafting genius! They look just like the chain linked bracelets all over the mall!! I can not wait to make a braided bracelet of my own now!!

Thank you so much Nicole for being my guest and sharing this awesome DIT with us!!

and just to show off even more of her crafting skills you should check out her toilet paper wall DIY!! Its AMAZING!!

Now I just have one thing to ask of all you sweeties...

Please give and share some blog lovin to Nicole! :)

Visit her at her blog and tell her you came from Raids of Orange!

and leave here a comment too if you would like! 

Go do it now!! Like asap okay!! ;) All you have to do is go click on that link!

Hope your day is Awkward and Awesome! 

Kaitlin Jean


Julie said...

Those bracelets are adorable - I think they will be a great craft to make with my younger cousins this weekend! Super inexpensive and easy! Love it! Heading over to her blog to share the love now!

Anonymous said...

Great DIT!!!

Brunette & Blessed said...

Wow...I made a guest appearance... wahoo! Love my bracelet

Katie said...

These girls rock! I love the guest post and craft..awesome!!

Anonymous said...

very cute idea! love it!

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