Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall, Recipes and Pins



I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday! As you might know I love wednesdays because of the two fabulous link ups...


I have actually gotten to pin a little more than usual just here and there and I think I have some good ones to share today!!

So we might as well get to it right?!

Here is what I am loving on Pinterest...

Isn't this the coolest chair ever?!

super cute warm cozy socks! <3

Scrap Fabric Flowers! I want to make these to spruce up my backpack!

duhh! ;) who doesn't!!

Chocolate Soup!! What?!?! I must make this during the winter!

I love these! I have been meaning to make these for a while now!

Pumpkin Seeds!! Yes Please!!

If only I could pull these off!

and last but not least...
Homemade Caramel!! As you can see I have a lot of recipes added into my "need to try" pile!

There you have it beautifuls!!! 

I hope you have a great rest of your day and I cant wait to see everyones pinterests post or whatever else you wrote about today! :)

Kaitlin Jean


Jane said...

I cannot get over that chair! Wow, that's so awesome! I want to dig a pond in my backyard so I can build my very own. Somehow I think the Army would have a problem with that because we live in base housing, but that's a minor detail! lol

MrsMatched said...

OMGosh. I love those orange cords! I sure wish they weren't $168!!

90 Percent Blonde... said...

Those socks = perfect for a cold winter night!

Sarah @

Trish said...

chocolate soup?! is that dinner? or a dessert. LOL. looks awesome!
Trish @ Tales from ...

Nicole said...

those socks rocks my socks off.

Anonymous said...

I love your pins this week! I have been wanting to make those bracelets, too! They are so cute!

I'm glad I found your blog!
I'm hosting my first giveaway right now if you are interested!!


Julie said...

Great pins! I'm dying to make some caramel sauce too!

Amy Rene said...

love that chair! looks amazing! and love those comfy socks too :)

{I've got a Kate Spade giveaway going on now & would love to see you there!}

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