Friday, September 23, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Happy Fall!!!

I think this has to be one of the best Fridays ever with it being the first day of Fall and the start of my much needed weekend!!

Anywho some of you might remember me saying something about my daddy-o coming to visit me yesterday...

Well he did come and we had a Great night together!

I am a complete Daddy's Girl and I have been since day one basically! 

My Dad and I pretty much have the same personality and so I think thats what make us click so well.
(I am not denying I have several qualities like my mom and we click in our ways too but that is a whole other post)

To start our evening off my dad took me to one of my favorite restaurants here in Stillwater called Eskimo Joes!
Have you ever heard of it or been there?! If you haven't you have to go! and let me come with you! ;)

My dad order the Fowl Thing (chicken sandwich) and when it came out it was HUGE!

(Im telling you Im not exaggerating)

This is my Daddy ready to eat the massive thing!

I had a burger and some of the best fires ever! I don't know why but I have a strong obsession with Joe's french fries and ranch. I think I would eat them everyday if possible!

I had meant to ask for our waitress to take our picture together but It was a little busy and I didn't get the chance :/ next time I guess!

After our super yummy dinner we went back to my apartment to change and get ready to run around campus.

A little over a year ago my dad really started to go into this health kick and started working our a lot. He wasn't over weight or unhealthy in my opinion but it was just something he really wanted to do. 

His dad, my Grandpa, passed away when I was just a year old from heart problems and I think my dad wants to make sure he really takes care of him self so he can make sure he will be around for a long time! Which I am more than proud of him for doing!

He actually lost a lot of weight (even though there wasn't much to loose in the first place) and he has stayed pretty detected to his new lifestyle. 

Anyway the point of that story is we ran two and a half miles together and let me tell you this 41 year old man complexity put me to same! As embarrassed as I should be I really am not because I am just gleaming with pride! He is a beast and there is no other way to put it.

After our run my dad really wanted to get Ice cream (oh the irony) so we did.

It was a great reward in my opinion especially because i had PUMPKIN ICE CREAM with white chocolate chips!

ooh it was sooo yummy!!

In conclusion we had a perfect Daddy and Daughter night! 
(Thank You Daddy!)

Anyone else out there a Daddy's Girl?! 

Now my dad is off an gone back home and I am off to have a great weekend!!

I hope you all have a very happy weekend! and Ill see yall Monday!

Kaitlin Jean


Corie said...

I'm glad you had such a great night with your dad! I'm definitely a grandma's girl though. I love when family members visit me at school!

Anonymous said...

What a fun night! It's always nice to spend time with your parents after being away at college!


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