Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"This is gonna make us stronger, It gonna make forever longer" - Steve Holy

Today I originally planned on sharing a little DIY craft that I did over the weekend but I have decided that it is just going to have to wait because there is a change in plans.
The plan changed after I did not watch the Bachelorette and eat M&Ms but instead talked on the phone for an hour and forty five minutes with my man
Now before you see that this is post is pretty lengthy and that its all about my love life and stop reading, please at least scroll to the bottom! I would love to hear from all of you on this one! 
Also I would like to share that My Airman's name is Justin. I like just calling him by his name sometimes and I want you to know who I am talking about! So know that you know that we can move on to what happened last night...
Justin and I talk just about every night. Our usual conversation is about our day and what we did, our friends and whatever crazy thing they have done now, about our future and how we cannot wait for him to officially come back home, this little blog here, and random little things. During the week we talk for about an hour at the max because my honey has to get up super early everyday and I know he is so worn out. So to get to talk for almost two hours last night was so nice! We used to talk on the phone for hours and hours at a time, sometimes even having “phone sleepovers” staying up all night talking; it had just been such a long time since we had been able to talk as long as we did.
Our talk started with our usual catch-me-ups about our day and everything that was going down on the base and here at home. but then somehow we got onto sharing crazy and embarrassing stories about things we thought and did when we were little, stories that we somehow had never shared over the past five years. Then the stories turned into when we first started dating and what was really running though our heads during different events. It brought even more giggles and a few “I can’t believe that happened” thoughts.
Stories about growing up and what our relationship used to be, then turned into talking about how much we have grown up since we left high school. We have been dating since graduation and we were looking back at how much our relationship and we as people have changed. As you all know you are not at all the person you were since the day you got your high school diploma. You change so much about yourself, your views, and your thoughts, you grow up. Justin and I are not at all the same people we used to be and we were just gloating over the fact that even trough three years of distance between us we have changed and grown up together. As much as we have both individually changed we still don’t skip a beat and that’s something I am so thankful for! Justin is my absolute best friend and has been since junior year! I don’t know what I would do without him by my side! We share everything with each other and I just can’t imagine life without the guy!

After that our conversation turned into how much our life and relationship is about to change with us both being in the same town and living two minutes away from each other. It will be such a big difference to what we have known the past few years. We already know and plan being together almost 24/7! We are so excited we can hardly stand it! As much excitement that there is I was a little tiny bit scared too! (And of course I shared it with him)
We are about to enter experiencing everyday life together! We are going to be doing things like cooking, shopping, studying, and cleaning/laundry daily together! (No we are not moving in together but like I said we are planning to be together pretty much all of the time) Although we have done all of those things at some point in our relationship it‘s still going to be different. The part that is kind of scary is I just don’t want him to get tired of me! (I know it’s silly but I don’t!) And it’s just that this is a place and experience neither one of us are familiar with. As much as we have had our “we” mentality in the past it really is US now.
He turned my .00000001% of cowardness into 100% excitement! He just made me feel even better about where we are going in our life! This is such an exciting time in our relationship and I can’t wait for him to move back! I have no doubts that we will love spending every second we have together! I am such a lucky girl to have a man like him! I love him with all of my heart and I am thrilled to grow even more with him and keep watching as our relationship turns into a marriage one day! (No I do not have a ring but we are more than sure we will be getting married eventually) He is my forever!
So in conclusion I am so glad I didn’t watch the Bachelorette! (It will be on Hulu when I get home anyway lol) We had such a great talk last night and I can’t wait to have a million more together! I ended up going to bed with a huge smile on my face, happy tears in my eyes, and even more in love.

Now I am wondering if you have gone through this change with your boo too? (I know all you Mrs. Have!)  If you have any advice for turning our relationship from long distance to 24/7 we would LOVE to hear it! :) Spill the beans!! 
Kaitlin Jean


Erin said...

I have never been long distance in my relationship with my husband (fortunately..although I do believe a lot of good can come out of long distance relationships), but we have been together for over 8 years now. It is not always easy, but it is always a CHOICE. I really do believe the best love advice is "Choose your love, love your choice" Sometimes it comes naturally-sometimes it doesn't. You just have to remember you are committed to loving this man and he deserves to be shown that on a regular basis. I think for us is that we continue to have *fun* together-we try new things, get involved in each others interests-hang out with friends-have plenty of time together..but also some time apart.

It sounds like you and your man have a great relationship and that you are so happy.
Cherish it and keep it safe. It is easy to take things for granted after you are "used" to them.

This was really a long comment, but I hope it helps some. Keep enjoying each other :)

Love you girl!

Josie said...

Hi Kaitlin. I know exactly how you feel, girl. I am a Marine wife and I know too much about long distance relationships. My husband left on deployment as soon as our first baby was born and I was a wreck. But somehow we made it work. Then as soon as I kinda started getting used to doing things on my own (parenting, paying bills, etc), he came home and even though I was super happy and excited for him to be home, I had to re-adapt to a whole new situation/routine. It was a little shocking at first, but it will pass, I promise. I kind of got scared that my husband would get tired of me too.But you will have so much fun just EXISTING together! No matter if we're long distance or in the same room, I try to remind myself to "live every day as if he was deploying tomorrow". There is no way he could ever get tired of you. It's so apparent that Justin LOVES you as much as you love him:)

Katie said...

I totally agree with Erin! My husband and I did long distance (only 2 hours away) for a while, and I really cherished the time I did spend with him. I try and still keep that mentality even though we still live together now. Have fun together when you can! :)


Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

My boyfriend and I have been dating nearly 6 years now. We are high school sweet hearts as well but had to spend 4 years long distance while I was away at school. It has been so nice to be with him nearly all the time, even though we don't live together either. I feel so spoiled that I get to see him every day and I love every minute with him.

Even though I hated the time apart while I was at school it really made me cherish the time together even more. And it helped us learn how to be independent and function away from each other. You'll probably laugh at friends who freak out if they haven't seen their boyfriend for 2 days and realize how the distance has actually made you stronger!

Enjoy your time together! You'll have so much fun!


Zara said...

If you two love each other (which you obviously do having been together so long and in a military relationship) you will never get tired of each other. :-)

Brittany said...

Even though the distance is rough this is does so much for your relationship. I am so happy for you and Justin. My fiance and I spent most of our relationship apart. I was at college and he was finished with school living in the real world with a job and a house. It was a struggle sometimes but well worth it now. Last summer was the turning point for us or well me I guess. I went to London for Study Abroad for a month, it was a struggle but the time apart made me appreciate him more. Once I came back from London we were apart again until I graduated in December. After graduation we did live together for about 5 months but then I moved a few hours away because of a job offer. Finally he found a job in the area and has been here for about a week now. It is awesome having him around and it is as if we did not miss a beat. Our time apart has made our relationship stronger and changed things for the better. Stay strong the time will pass soon!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this post!!!

Yes, i know this post was a long time ago but i am reading each one of your posts and wanted to comment :)

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