Monday, October 3, 2011

After Seven Long Months...


Today Justin is FINALLY moving to Stillwater!!!
Which means were both in the same state, city, and basically even the on the same street!

It take less that five minutes to get to each others places 
(which is soo much better than 45min when were both actually living at home)

I am soo excited I can't sit still! I have the biggest smile on my face and I am about as giddy as a girl who got her first kiss!

Justin graduated from his tech training school this past Wednesday and I cant even begin to tell you how proud I am of that manly stud!

Seven months ago we were saying goodbye as he left for basic and now we're finally beginning an "everyday" life together!

In March Justin left for basic and was there for two months. He didn't have any kind of communication whats so ever except for writing snail mail letters and an occasional 5-15 min phone call on a sunday which was always to his mom. I wrote Justin everyday and would be jumping up and down in the middle of the street when I would get a letter from him (I received a total of 10! - which is pretty good compared to most!) 

After the two months had painfully and slowly gone by Justin's parents and I went down to San Antonio to see him graduate from basic! It was one of the best trips ever! When we finally saw each other it was like we handout skipped a beat and we just had soo much to catch up on! I can't really put into words how amazing it was being together again!

This was the first time we saw each other since he had left!

Justin actually got to come home for a few weeks before he left for Missouri and let me tell ya those few weeks were like heaven and 100 pumpkin lattes mixed together kind of bliss compared to the previous months! but then He had to leave once again! This time for five months but he would be able to have his phone and he promised we would talk everyday if possible! So it was just .00000000000000001 times easier to let him go. 

It was actually just me and him at the airport the morning he left for Missouri. We didn't have to say much we just held on to each other, and given each other lots of kisses not really being sure of when we would be seeing each other next. Little did we know how lucky we would be to see each other a lot more than we imagined!! :)
(and we took a kissy picture! lol which is actually one of my favorites)
(sorry if you hate kissy pics! It goes along with the story though!!)

And now the day we have been talking about forever and ever is here!! 

Crazy Right?!

Now I can probably bet you that all of my I's will probably become We's and I hope ya'll don't mind it too much! 

Personally I am getting a little tired of the word "I" but I might be a little bias! ;)

 I hope you all are having a fabulous Monday!!

Kaitlin Jean


Julie said...

Yay! So excited for you!! Long distance is awful, but now when you get to be 5 min away from each other, it will be like it never happened and all will be awesome!!!

Josie said...

Yay I'm so excited for you!! My hubby is in the Marines so I know how beautiful it is to be able to spend every second with your honey! Congrats and have so much fun!

Ana said...

How exciting! So happy for you!

Jane said...

Yaaaay! So, so happy for you! That is awesome. Basic/training school can be tough, but ya'll got through it and I could not be happier for you.

Anonymous said...

This is so exciting! I can only imagine how happy you are to have him back close to you!!

Katie said...

Very happy for you 2 girlfriend! I would've commented yesterday but was super sick. still am actually. being sick is for the birds. YAY for you 2!! :)

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