Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gettin Awkward (sung in the tune of "Gettin Paper")

It's Awkward and Awesome Thursday!!

Woot Woot!

I haven't gotten to participate in awkward and awesome thursday in what feels like forever and get excited because I have been saving up some good awkward pictures!!

As you can tell I haven't been able to chit chat much this week but Sunday I am planning on spending more than enough time cuddled up on the couch to do so!! :)

Getting to the Awkward and Awesome of today.....


1. People. Yes just people in general I cant tell you how many awkward dress, accessorized, looking people. I wish I could just walk around with a camera on my forehead just so you would all completely understand what I am talking about but luckily I do have some pretty handy sneaky picture taking skills that came in handy for these babies...

 See this guys backpack strap?! haha It was literately holding on by a thread!
 I don't know why but I thought this guy just looked so funny 
and this lovely lady... well you cant see it super well but she is wearing a weird tube-top, white biking shorts, and some super chunky healed shoes. Oh and she had BRIGHT blue eye shadow on. lol

2. It might be just a little awkward that it is like the 7th week of classes and i still occasionally have to look up my schedule.

3. People falling asleep in church

4. Being so white that when I cross my legs for a long time Ill get a big red mark on my leg from the "pressure" and then people will be all "OMG what happened to your leg?!!?"

5. Not realizing that my sandwich from Which Which had bacon that I did not ask for and the wrong kind of cheese on my second half.

6. Not posting this till eight at night... I tried to do this earlier today but there was just too much school goin on.

1. I won my first giveaway!!!!!! :) Im suuuuper excited about it and when it gets here I will tell you all about it!

2. Having some pretty darn good six week grades! 

3. Justin living in Stillwater! Let me tell ya I am LOOOOVING it!! :)

4. Making eggy toast for the first time ever!! yummmy!

5. The weekend ahead!! I cant wait for it! Gonna be pre-celebrating for Justin's birthday and going to the OSU game!

6. Getting my next project today! Ill be designing a Master Suite!

7. Thinking positive and writing the paper that I am dreading and studying for a Lifespan test that I think might kill me! (well Im almost there)

and t-t-t-t-hats all folks!!

Sorry my post was so late today and for the lack of pictures!! Loves ya'll!
Kaitlin Jean

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