Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Let's Get a Little Cozy

Is anyone else having one of those "I just wanna snuggle up and lay around all day long" days?!?

ME!! ME!! ME!!

It a perfect snuggle weather of 55ยบ here in my little town today. I am reluctantly being a good college kid today and going to all of my classes even though I would much rather just stay right here! 

{Thank goodness for a two and a half hour break between classes so I can still come home for a bit!}

Now I just need to get this guy to take a homework break and come join me for my cuddle break!!
(I currently failing at making this happen but I will prevail! Hopefully.)

I hope you are all having a very happy Wednesday!!

Now go grab your favoritest blanket and grab your cuddle partner!
(pillows and pets are great alternatives to people)

Kaitlin Jean

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