Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Howdy Ya'll!!

 I hope you are having yourself a merry little Tuesday.

I just have to say thank you so very much for all of you incredibly sweet comments yesterday! :) they all put a big smile on my face!

Justin's move was very successful!

He pretty much got everything done except for some boxes left in his room. 

His living room however is suppper nice! 

Im tellin ya I am soooo impressed because he "designed" the whole thing himself!

Yes really!! He picked everything out from the rug to the furniture and the accessories! 

I have pictures to prove to you just how impressive this is!!...

(there is a really neat 3D picture that is gold and black and it will go above the couch)

I call this the man chair! haha

and these are the bar stool that I am absolutely in LOVE with! 
(Thats Justin's Dad btw lol)


He is now calling himself an interior designer haha and in this senario I think he definitely has earned it!

So yeah there you have it folks! I think you should leave the man some blog lovin... just a little... I mean if you at all as impressed as I am!

His room isn't picture ready yet but when it is I will be sharing it with yall too because I am thinking its gonna be just as good looking as this!

Loves Ya'll!!
Kaitlin Jean

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