Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Love #21

Justin is turning the big 2-1Today!!
Woot Woot!!!
Happy Birthday Honey!! 
I love you soooo much!!
Im really hoping this birthday is the BEST birthday you have ever had!!

Tonight's Celebrations will include a simple relaxed evening (at his request) and some homemade cooking made by muah (Ok and the birthday man too) 

Oh and a bottle of wine if I can convince ^^^ that guy! Hoping its not replaced by some super "manly" beer ;) (maybe Ill have a bottle of wine to myself ha!)

There will also be some present opening will also be taking place tonight!
 Honestly I don't have a very good record of awesome present shopping/giving. I always end up with a wrong size or some broken electronic or little lame nick nak. BUT this birthday Im trying to change my record and go for the gold! I can't reveal Justin's gifts yet because I have one of those awesome men that reads my blog everyday! ;) So tomorrow I will reveal if the gift givin was a success! 

If you wanna leave Justin some Birthday Wishes you totally should! I know it would make his B-day even awesomer!!
 (yeah I just made that word up!)

Have a very happy Monday Lovelies!!!
Kaitlin Jean

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Ana said...

Happy Bday, Justin!

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