Monday, October 24, 2011

Im a Mommy!!!

A fur babies mommy that is! 
(I had ya a little fooled didn't I!)

Justin and I have been wanting to get a dog for a very long time now!
Now that we are both living in the same place our dream could finally become a reality!
Justin has never had a dog, or any other pet for that matter, because his parents wouldn't let him, so as you can imagine he reallllly wanted a dog! He has always loved loved loved bulldogs for as long as I can remember but he still loves about any dog he see's so preference really wasn't an issue when we decided to started to think about getting a dog. 
Saturday night Justin and I were looking online at dogs in pounds around our area and decided that the next day we would go to the pound here in Stillwater just to look and see.

On our way to the pound we saw a guy selling some puppies in a parking lot by the road (sounds kinda sketchy but its a pretty normal thing here in Oklahoma) and like any right minded man would do with a woman yelling "Pull Over!! Pull Over!! Lets Go See What They Look Like!!!", Justin did. Once we walked up and saw the little puppies I was already in love! Justin asked what kind of dogs they were and the guy told us she is a bulldog and pitbull boxer mix. Right then I had the feeling we would not be leaving with out a puppy!
We played with those little pups for quite awhile and fell in love with a beautiful little girl with brindle and white fur. Turns out this little lady was the man selling her's favorite and so her price was higher than the other three but we knew she was more than worth it!

 After she was officially ours we took our little puppy straight to Pets Mart. We must have been pretty obvious new parents because a dog trainer employ came up to us as we were staring up at kennels with faces of complete wonder, nervousness, happiness, and cluelessness and asked if we needed help. We then started asking any kind of question involved with puppies imaginable and luckily Beth from Pets Mart knew her stuff like no bodies business! 
We left with a kennel, a mattress for the kennel, a orange color and matching leash, two toys, three bags of treats and a bag of food. I'd say we pretty much covered all the basics and we were ready to spoil our little princess. 

It took us a while to pick out her name but as we were checking out we decided on Karley. Karley Marie  Kanipe to be exact! 
Now Justin and I are proud puppy parents and we could be happier to now have a little plus one! Bringing her home, taking her to potty, playing non stop, chasing each other around the house, its all a major event now. Oh and let me tell ya I have never been so camera ready in my life! My Iphones memory is already half way full with pictures of Karley!
She's just soo precious isn't she?!?! I can already prepare you with the fact that Miss. Karley is going to become pretty popular on this her blog! So just be ready for Raids of Orange to go up about ten levels of cuteness!

I hope you had a very happy weekend and your Monday is spectacular!!

I know mine will be when I can get back home to that little darling! 

x's and o's 
Kaitlin Jean


Holly said...

OMG Karley just took the cute factor to a whole new level! She is adorable! Congrats to you both on your new furbaby!

Happy Monday :)

-Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

Nicole said...

Oh i love her!!

Miranda said...

what an adorable dog!!!!such a cutie! congrats!

Jane said...

Awwww! What a cutie! We got our dogs as rescues, they are puppies but we missed the really young puppy stage so our next dog, in like 15 years LOL I really want to get a puppy puppy.

Corie said...

She's adorable! T and I can't wait to get a puppy, but unfortunately we still have ~2 years to wait.

Magan said...

Oh, girl! Karley is adorable! Congrats on your new dog-ter :) XO Magan

Julie said...

She is too precious! I love the name too!!
Good luck with your gorgeous new pup!
Enjoy your Halloween weekend!!

Maddie said...

omg she is so precious im obsessed. im a new follower, check out my page :)

Janna Renee said...

New around these parts and like your blog because not only do I love a man in a uniform, but I have a fur baby too! Your new little one is A-dorable!

Nicole Rene said...

Omg I want a bulldog so so so bad! They are so flipping cute!!!!!! :) Congrats!!!!!! Anyway, wanted to let you know I awarded you the Liebster Blog Award! Come over to my blog to check it out! And congrats!! :)

Jenny Watson said...

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