Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Alright, It's Okay, Go Ahead and Smile Anyway!

Well Hello There!! 

I hope you are having a fabulous Thursday!
(Were almost to Friday people!! Almost!!)

Sooooo you know that link up party that I did a few weeks ago?!?

Well Im joining in on that little party again today!

"It's Okay" take a two hour nap instead of doing homework press your ear to the ground to hear your neighbors below you's fight.
(it was quite a nasty one let me tell ya) ride on empty as long as mechanically possible sometimes flirt like a teenage girl 
(with my boyfriend of course!!!) have dreams about food. right?! I mean I just want to eat like a normal person again!!! think my carved pumpkin is the best carved pumpkin thats ever been carved!
(pictures coming soon!!) want a planner thats $50... Its erin condren which completely justifies it! finally except that I am not a morning blogger. As much as I want to be it just isn't happening. Im more of a whenever I can get the blogging in kinda gal. pretend I know exactly what Justin is talking about when he tries to tell me random facts from his finance and accounting class. love that I never clean dishes after making dinner anymore! I'm kind of afraid to admit this one, hopefully Justin wont decide to stop being Mr. Amazing Dishwasher Man.

and that's all folks!

What do you all think is okay?!?!

Kaitlin Jean


Magan said...

Hi friend! I love my 50$ Erin Condren and don't feel one bit guilty when I'm perfectly color-coding all of my to-dos! Happy Thursday :)

Miranda said...

love my erin condren planner! it's worth it!

haha i can imagine myself eavesdropping in on a fight...i'm that nosey! :)

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