Monday, October 17, 2011

My Wonderful, Amazing, Glourious Vaca!!

Sooo I Lied.....

Have yall been wondering where in the world i have been?!

Well I wish I could say I've been off on a glorious vacation or that I was kidnapped for a almost week long shopping spree but my disappearance was much less than happy and exciting. 

I was gone because right now I look like this

okay not exactly like that because I have a human face but the ratio of cheek size to the face size is just about right.

I had my wisdom teeth taken out!!

Before I had my surgery I had heard that either I would do great and it would be like nothing happened or it would be supper horrible and I would almost die.

Sadly I was not a lucky winner to pull the "this is nothing" card. 

One.) I don't do well on Anastasia at all. 

Two.) I have a HUGE fear of needles especially when they have anything to do with going into the crease in my arm (thats a whole another story for later... lets just say I was traumatized as a child)

Three.) All of my wisdom teeth were deeply impacted

Four.) Before the Dr. even introduced himself he walked in looked at my x-ray and said "oh man! You're definitely gonna on a two week recovery plan.
(ummm two weeks?! not what I was planning!)

So yeah all of these things combined didn't exactly add up to be the greatest moment of my life yet. And trust me I wish I was exaggerating. 

Luckily I am finally able to be a normal sain human being (I am finally off my oxicodonx...lets just say know one should have to see me while under its influence.)

Also I have been able to upgrade from a liquid diet to a soft food diet! 

which means lots of
and lots and lots of these!!

Oh and the one thing that I have found to be one of the worst things about this whole ordeal is not being able to drink out of a straw!! Yes straws, you never know how much you love straws until you cant use them anymore.

Okay Okay Ill end my complaining and pity party now!

I sure hope you all had a glorious weekend and that your week is going to be even better!!

I miss you all bunches!!
Kaitlin Jean


Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

Yeah, wisdom teeth are not fun. The straw part was hard but my dentist explained that the suction from using the straw would actually make the healing take longer. So I was good. I actually was eating soft foods the day after my teeth came out. My first soft food? KFC Mac-n-cheese. :) Hope you heal quickly!

Katie said...

Oh girl good luck with your wisdom teeth!! I had mine out years ago but only 3 of them. I think my 4th is coming in and it HURTS. I remember being all swollen haha get better soon!

Miranda said...

When I had mine taken out they had to cut two of them in half they were so big! and i lost ten pounds because my meds made me sick! but there are worse things...hope you heal quickly!

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