Thursday, August 4, 2011

Awkward and Awesome: Take Three

How are you lovely little dumplings doing today?!
I want to start off this post by saying thank you so much for all the blog lovin yesterday! Love at First Pin is now my most popular post! Woot woot! You all truly made my day!
I hope you all will love today’s post too because I am super excited for Awkward and Awesome Thursday! It has been awhile since I have attended this party and I am super happy to be joining in today!
I am linking up with the wonderful Miss. Erin today, at Living in Yellow!
Make sure you go visit her and say hello because she is awesome! (And awkward sometimes, but I mean that in a good way!)
Here are my awkwards and awesomes for today...
1. Do you remember me saying yesterday that it was 112 degrees outside?
Well that was completely true and I took a picture of it with my phone to prove it to you!
It was so hot it melted my poor little plastic flowers in my car! (I haven’t told you yet, but I drive a VW Bug…bugs how flower vases in them…this is why I have flowers in my car.)They look so awkward hanging down and being all floppy like therefore I decided I would take a picture of them to share in this awkward and awesome post. While I was taking the picture an even more awkward thing happened! This guy saw me in the obvious act of taking a picture in my car! Haha He stopped and watched me and in result he is now a part of my awkward photo!
Do you see him?! 

 2. When you are eating and someone asks you a question the moment you put food in your mouth. If that part isn’t awkward enough, what usually takes you 20 seconds to chew all the sudden takes 5 minutes! Haha Why is this?! It happens to me ALL the time!
 3. When you’re microwaving your lunch at work and there is a line of people waiting on you because there is only one microwave.
 Somehow I always end up being the first person to get my lunch going and I then there are always at least five people waiting for my meal to get done. Let me tell ya, five minutes is a long time ofawkwardly waiting for that beeper to save you from impatient hungry stares! And to make it even more awkward I sometimes have those meals that have you cook them for a little bit then take it out, stir it, and put it in to cook some more.
 4. That I got a little too “bold” happy with today’s post… Is it a little over the top that I have bolded every time I say “awkward” and “awesome”?

1. Tomorrow is Fact About Me Friday!
And I am hoping all of you will link up with me!!
 If you haven’t heard, I have started my own link party for Fridays! You can read all about the details HERE.
 All you have to do to join is add a little fact about you in your post tomorrow and then link back up here! Your post can be about food, your fur baby(ies), your super cute outfit this week, what you did last night, What you’re doing tomorrow night, friends, etc. (I think you get the picture) Just have at least one fact about yourself and your in! You can also just make a whole post with facts, whatever you wanna do, it’s up to you! No matter how you decide to do it, you will be officially awesome forever if you just link up! :)
 2. The new IKEA app! Seriously who doesn’t love IKEA?!
The new 2012 catalog is out and IKEA made a whole app dedicated it!
Page by page you get to sit in awe over the awesomeness all from your iPhone/iPod
(Justin deserves the credit for this one; he told me I should to tell you about the awesomeness of the IKEA app! So if this is your favorite part of today’s post, you can thank that Mr.!)
 3. I move in 9 days!! I know you are probably sick and tired of me talking about it, but I am just so darn excited! Therefore you can expect a daily count down until I move into my awesome apartment! ;)
 4. This picture/saying that I pinned on Pinterest the other day

5. YOU when you link up tomorrow!
(Okay I’m sorry! I just really want you to join me tomorrow is all!)
YOU are still awesome even if you don’t link up tomorrow just FIY!
YOU are awesome just for being you, and reading this little blog! :)

I hope you have an awesome Thursday Darlings!
And embracing the awkward things in life!
Kaitlin Jean


Magan said...

This post is so cute! I'm going to have to try this one out next week. In other news, I'm getting a little daring tomorrow and doing two posts in one (GASP!). I don't want to miss out on your FAMF link-up so I'm pairing it with my FF link-up. I hope you'll join me . Love ya blog buddy! XO

Anonymous said...

love that saying! and I can totally relate to the heat, my car temp was 117 yesterday! Ugh!

Nicole said...

you are too cute!!

New to your blog!

jaimie michelle said...

Seriously, what is with time dragging when you're microwaving at work?! You could put it in, walk away, do a million things, come back, and those silly frozen meals are still cooking! That's the only time that happens too--at home, I barely have time to leave the kitchen it feels like!!

I've been seriously loving your comments--you're so sweet!!


Ashley said...

aw this is the cutest post ever! <3

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