Thursday, August 11, 2011

Moving like a Ballar and Dont forget Fact About Me Friday Tomorrow!

How you doin?
*said in a gangsta kinda way cuz we all know I'm a thug*

I am sorry to announce that I do not have an awkward and awesome post to share with you today..
or really even a post that's semi-interesting.

My mind is mostly filled with things that I have to accomplish in the next two days!

So I'm thinking why not share?!...

Here is the down low of how this move of mine is gonna happen.

1. pick up uhual
2. wash all dirty clothes from this week
3. pack all my clothes except for tomorrows and Saturday's outfits.
4. pack up my bathroom and then beg my sister and mother to let my barrow all of there things for the next two days.
5. finish two DIY projects.
6. vacuum out my two sofas
7. pick up coffee table being given to me by a friend
8. pick up Dolli from grandmas house
9. pack all the random things that I have failed to pack yet.

1. Finish my LAST day at work
2. Go to my sisters "meet your teacher" night
3. Pick up my handsome boyfriend
4. put EVERYTHING in uhual
5. clean my room and bathroom so the mother don't get mad!

1. Drive to Stillwater
2. Get the key to my apartment
3. Unload the uhual
4. unpack boxes labeled kitchen, living room, and Bathroom
5. Say thanks to everyone and kick them out to enjoy my new awesome apartment!!!

See I told you I was a busy bee!!
and I think its pretty obvious I am a baller at moving *trying to link in post title*
(I wouldn't be with out all my family and friends, so Thanks you guys!)

I cant believe its time to move! I feel like I have been talking about moving for more than a year now (okay actually two months) and am just so excited its really happening!

I cant wait to show you my apartment and get to share my journey of leaving the rents!

Best part about it is I will have my man by my side through the whole thing starting in October! I cant wait to live 2 miles away from him and go to the same school again! woop woop!

and now here is a picture just because I don't like to do a post with out one...
Isn't he a cutie?! I found him on Pinterest!

OH and...

I have one last thing to tell you!
I know from that list ^^^ it may not seem possible but FAMF is still gonna happen!
So I definitely think you should somehow put a fact about yourself into your post tomorrow and link up back here! okay!? :)

Now have yourself a merry little Thursday pretties and Ill see you tomorrow!

Kaitlin Jean

1 comment:

Ana MF said...

Sounds about fun, girl! haha. Good luck with moving !!!

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