Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pin, Pin and Away!

Hello There!

Guess what today is?!?!

One of my favorite days of the week!

My favorite weekly Link up hosted by Jamie and Michelle

If you have been here for at least a week you already know this, but if your new you should know...


If you don't know what Pinterest is...
Pinterest is a site in which you pin pictures onto yours own personal profile to save or mark things you like, ideas, and inspirations.

To join Pinterest you need an invite! If you need an invite I would be happy to send one to you,  email me or comment below and well get you all set up and pinning in no time! :)

If you would like to follow me on Pinterest you can do so here

And now on to what you are all waiting for...

My loves on Pinterest this week are:

I am seriously in LOVE with these lacy cut offs! College Fest is coming this weekend and I am really hoping to find some time to make a pair of my own!
(College Fest its a huge event at OSU every year. It is held at the local country dance club and it goes all weekend long. Every day there is concerts by all kinds of country artist. Ill have a post about with a better explanation soon!)

Chalkboard Placemats!! Have I ever told you I have an obsession with all things chalk board?! Well My name is Kaitlin Jean and I am obsessed with all things chalkboard! I think these are so cute and simple and they are now on my DIY list!

When I saw this I couldn't stop giggling! I have done this more than I can remember! It kinda makes me sad to think I don't do it anymore! Ya know what I mean? Pretending the floor was lava was such a simple game but it brought big laughs and lots of fun so If you ever see me standing and jumping from one piece of furniture then just know I am bringing back my inner child!

This outfit is just perfect for fall/early winter! I have to admit I don't have any of the pieces above excluding the jeans, so this may not become a reality outfit for me this year but I just love every thing about it! If you want to help contribute to my wardrobe with any of the items above I  promise I will not object ;)

Have you ever seen these tiles?! They are heat sensitive tiles and they change color when anything with a higher temperature than the tiles touches them! "wooooah!!" was exactly came out of my mouth when I saw this! Now I am just hoping one day I am going to get to use them in a design!

Lately my newest craving has been peanut butter and chocolate! Mixed together of course and so when i saw my current craving I had to pin it! It just makes your tummy growl for some doesn't it!?

There ya have it folks! 

What do you think? Are you loving any of these things/pins too?!

I wish I could stare at them all day and then pin some more but I have some books to hit and classes to attend so Pinterest will just have to wait! (darn it!)

I hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one!
Kaitlin Jean


Jodie said...

1. I love anything lace... those shorts are hot!!
2. The peanut butter and chocolate cookies looks divine!! Yum!!

Julie said...

Those shorts are awesome, I adore them! Although I think they'd look (more than) a little bit better on you than me, so if you do make them be sure to post a picture!! And I'm obsessed with everything chalkboard too. I saw a pin of wine glasses dipped into chalkboard paint so you could write the owner of the glass on it. So clever!

Ana MF said...

Love the placemats! They are really cute, but I wonder how practical they are? I mean, if I had kids, I'm sure they'd only want to draw and never eat dinner... ADULTS only hahaha

Happy Wednesday! :)

Life With Lauren said...

Love the lace cut offs! So cute!

Anonymous said...

those shorts are so cute! and i love the chalk board place mats.

Gretchen said...

I love peanut butter and chocolate! Sometimes when I make my hubby's lunch, I'll get a piece of chocolate out and put some peanut butter on it...yum.
Do you think you could send me an invitation for pinterest? It looks like soo much fun (and really addicting)!

Gretchen said...

Thank you! :)

Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

Great pins! I've been wanting to try the peanut butter brownies for a while now!


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