Thursday, August 25, 2011

Backpacks, Books, and Orange Oh My!

Hello Beautifuls!

I hope you are all having a spectacular day!!

I am super excited for this post today because I have been filing away situations and things in my brain for a while now for this one.

Its Awkward and Awesome: School edition!!
woot woot! 

How fun right?! haha I am sure I bring back memories for some of ya'll and I really hope I at least bring a few smiles! 


1. Not knowing where anything is on campus. I cant tell you how many times I have had to pull up my OK State app to look up buildings and how to get there. I actually didn't even know where the library was or what it was called so I had to ask my mom! gah I felt like a loser! haha Luckily I now have figured out the where the main places on campus are. 

2. How sweaty I get walking class to class. This may be a TMI moment but oh well! Yesterday was 109 and I was the genius that wore a gray tank top! It was frankly embarrassing and I didn't even want to take my backpack off to show how drenched my body was! eww

3. The way some people dress! I need to  become that person that always has my camera ready because I am pretty sure I could do a whole post on this subject! I don't mean it in a mean way at all and I know everyone has there own since of style and all that glitter and rainbows but let me explain...
a. Jeans and trench coats on a 109 degree day
b. guys wearing jean short shorts. I know its hot out and I feel kinda bad for the guys who wear the appropriate guy length shorts but when I say jean short shorts I'm talking booty shorts!
c. well I still cant get over the guy in booty shorts so I think you get the picture now.

4. Being in the wrong class. This luckily has never happened to me but I have witnessed kids that it has happened to and I feel bad for them. It would be so embarrassing to hear the professor announce the class and then realize not only are you in the wrong place but your now late to the class you actually need to be in. Then on top of that you have to walk out in the silence of everyone staring. 

5. Almost being killed by a girl riding her bicycle. So apparently bike riders do not move for people walking on the sidewalk and I didn't realize this until today. I was just minding my business walking to class and all the sudden I see a girl riding her bike and headed right toward me. The sidewalk is super crowded so I cant move over and she actually has the opportunity to move onto the street before she reaches me and so i keep on a walkin. Then the girl starts screaming and yelling at me to move out of the way! I was so shocked I didn't process everything going on and then when I finally did she was inches away from me and I barley jumped out of the way in time. So the point of this awkward number 5 is that I was almost sidewalk kill. 

6. The kid sleeping in the chair next to me as I type this in the Library


1. How much orange everyone wears! Seriously It is so awesome how everyone wears their Oklahoma State stuff! It not just for a spirt day or anything like that I am talking about any day and anytime!

2. I have successful made it to all my classes at least 10 minutes before they start! I sometimes have to walk from one building to the next building way down the road and I was a little worried I would have trouble making it to class on time. It has not been an ounce of a problem yet though and I am hoping it stays that way!

3. I have made several new friends and I am loving that! I have classes with a lot of the same people due to the fact that my major is smaller and specialized. Also I made a friend during lunch one day just because I ended up sitting by her and then another I met by walking by her to class. Everyone seems fairly friendly on campus and it has been so nice meeting and getting to know new people!

4. I am getting a lot of exercise in simply by walking to my classes! I swear I at least walk 5 miles a day! 

5. Tomorrow is Friday!! Friday means I only have one class! 

6. All the free stuff on campus this week! I have successful had lunch two days this week by getting free pizza and today I had a refreshing Popsicle. Also a lot of companies have come out through out the week handing out coupons and having entries for free stuff!

7. That I am loving being on my own and living my college kid life!

That's all folks! The awkward and awesome of being a college kid! 

Have you ever had these awkwards and awesomes happen to you?? 
If so you should share them with me and ones that I didn't mention too!

Kaitlin Jean


Corie said...

I hate the bicyclists! I've almost been ran over numerous times, especially because my campus is so hilly!

jaimie michelle said...

I LOVED being on campus and seeing all the poeple wearing Gators shirts and orange&blue all the time! In fact, I miss seeing it around now!

Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

Love these! Hooray for first weeks of school!


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