Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Home Sweet Apartment

(Trumpets playing)

I am so excited to show you all part of my little apartment!!
(not all my rooms are quite picture ready)

I love my place so far and I cant wait for all the adventures and memories that is going to be made in it!
This is really my first time to be completely on my own so as you can imagine I am loving my complete freedom!

I'll save you from my "finally free" speech though and get to the pictures...

This is the Entry Way, Living Room, and Kitchen

What do you think?!?

There are still things to be done like making pillows, adding more things on the walls and little touch ups but I have to admit I'm pretty proud of my new home! 

If any of you pretty pennies are interested, I have thought about maybe doing a room by room break down to share where I got some of my things and how I put all of it together! I have quite a few thrift finds and DIYs in my space that I cant wait to share and doing a break down might be a great way to show them off! 
Would you like to see a few room break down posts on this little here blog?
(If so I would love for you to tell me! Just leave a comment!)

I hope to have the rest of my apartment Thursday! 
So make sure you come back to see it!

Cant wait to hear what y'all think!!
Kaitlin Jean
p.s. I am still working on catching up with all of you so please don't think I have forgotten about you because I haven't! :)


Katie said...

Aw your place is cute! I saw many DIY projects in those pics :) good job girl!

Ashley said...

Way to go! It looks great! :) I know you'll have tons of DIY projects that will spice it up and make it truly feel like home. My first apartment I didn't do anything and it was so dull lol. When I bought my condo, I went crazy! and I love doing different stuff and adding little touches. Have fun!! You'll be great!

andi said...

really a cute place~ congrats on being out on your own!


Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

Too cute!! I really like it! Congrats on moving in! :)


Gretchen said...

Wow! What a cute place! :)

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