Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Picture frame, Picture frame on the wall...

who are the best, sweetest, most awesome people ever?!
Actually never mind! 
I already know that answer...
All of you are!! 

Before I officially begin this post I know there are three things on everyone's mind to begin with today!

1. Ashley picked JP!!
(I might be a Bachelorette/Bachelor fanatic! I just can't help myself!)
I liked JP from the beginning! So I was so happy when it was him in the end!

2. Poor Ben! The guy was just such a sweetie! 
(next Bachelor?! I sure hope so!)
3. The Bachelor pad is gonna be c-r-a-z-y! 
I mean what a major drama preview! I am sure we all know we will be watching every episode!
(No need to be ashamed! Its just pure entertainment!)
Now that I have addressed the big news story of the week, I have an awesome super easy DIY craft for you!
How many of you have some of those old picture frames that you just don't really know what to do with?
*raise your hand if that's you*
(its okay no one will walk by and see you staring at the computer with your hand in the air and think your weird, then post you as number one  for awkward in their awkward and awesome post!)
(okay they might but who cares your still awesome!)

How many of you always see those beautiful neato picture frames thrifting and wondered what you could do with them?
*raise you hand*
(everything said above still applies to you)

Well I have the easiest solution for all of those frames!

As you all know I am about to move into my first apartment (12 days from now to be exact!) and I have a college student budget to make it home sweet home!

I will admit right up front I know this isn't super creative or even original but it is a wonderful DIY craft that can fill any empty wall 

I found some old picture fames in my mothers hall closet and found out she didn't want them. They then instantly became mine!
* Insert evil villian laugh...mwahh hahah* 

I then thought these would be perfect for my apartment!
I proceeded to find two more frames at a garage sale and two more for sale at hobby lobby!

Here they 
(My mom also gave me an old mirror and so I decided to include it in with this project)
I love when people have walls of vintage frames but leaving these vintage was not going to work in my apartment I have more of a high glam/shabby chic style going on. 
So I decided to turn all of those random frames into these beauties!
Beautimus aren't they?!
It easy as pie to transform them! 
(I know this is a horrible picture and I am so sorry! My camera ran out of juice and so had to use my IPhone to take this picture this morning. When I get more batteries I promise I take a much better picture and post it for you!)

All you need is to make this magic happen is some high gloss spray paint!
You can find this at just about any home supplies store, craft store, or even your supermarket!
I got my paint from Lowe's and Wal-Mart

I picked orange (best color eva!), Navy, Gray, and Black as my paint colors.
You can choose which ever color(s) your heart desires!

Once you have your paint and frames all you have to do is 
1. find a good place where you wont get paint on anything precious (I luckily have an old empty coldesac in my neighborhood that I used) 

2. Spray paint those babies! 
Make sure you spray from every angle to get every nook and cranny in your frame! 
I sprayed a good base layer on my frames and then let them dry for a bit. Then proceeded to spray them really good once more.

I told you this was easy didn't I!?

This is all you have to do to get some high gloss frames ready for that bare and blah wall!

I might end up adding some wire to a few of these frames to make them like this...
If I do I will definitely let you know!

(And Again I know my after pictures stink and I promise I will take better pictures and post them asap!)

One of the best parts about this little project is that I have spray paint left over! woot woot!

Do you have any ideas of what I can do with all of it?!

tell me! tell me! tell me!
please! :)

Kaitlin Jean


Anonymous said...

I am so glad she picked JP! Ben was my choice to begin with just because I really saw his love for her.. but after I watched "After the final rose" i am so glad her and JP are together!! :)

I am a little obsessed too.. thats okay :)

Rebecca said...

I cannot wait for bachelor pad! vienna and jake in one room?! so much drama!

Katie said...

I couldn't believe Ashley's sister. SHe totally got on my NERVES. I'm not a huge fan of either of the guys but I def felt bad for Ben. Ouch. Ashley and JP are cute though!

Good job with the projects! I need to get my butt in gear!

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